Ideas after a month of gameplay

I’ve been playing for 3 or 4 weeks now, absolutely loving it.

Some ideas/feedback that I’d love to see in the game in the future:

  • Rivers and bridge. It would be great to have physical barriers other than mountains, but as your town progresses, there is the option to build a bridge over to the other side. This could start out as a wooden bridge, and be upgraded to a stone bridge in the future.
  • Boats and increased fishing. I think that the fishing mechanic could be enhanced by having a boat builder that enables fishing beyond the shoreline. Perhaps boats could be further enhanced in a military capacity?
  • Herding boars and deer. The hunting mechanic could be enhanced by adding the ability to herd animals into farms. This could be managed in a similar way to barns, but on a smaller scale. Given that boars need to be targeted manually, being able to set up a boar farm would make sense.
  • In game scenarios. It would be great if there was some curveballs thrown in mid-game to keep the map fresh, instead of just going through the process of building and upgrading. I haven’t given too much thought as to what these could be yet.
  • Mini-map. A map showing the full extent of the map seed could be really useful. I find it a bit of a labouring task when trying to either explore, or relocate blueberries from the edge of the explored area, especially on a large map. Having a small mini-map that you can click to an extent would expedite this process.

I’m sure I’ll think of more ideas as I keep playing. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to the next updates!

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Very enjoyable game. But, what about a church? I feel this feature for citizen satisfaction is a no brainer. Churches may not be in vogue today so much, but they were an essential part of society during much of history.

There is a whole thread devoted to churches. :slight_smile:

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