Ideas for Loyalist Pack #3 and 2020 Updates

What do you want to see in the pretty much confirmed loyalist pack 3 and the hinted upcoming patches for the next year 2020?

Lets gather some ideas and suggestions.

For the Loyalist Pack 3 I would love to have illusions for the portal effect. These could also be integrated into the base game and obtained by completing different achivements or at faction vendors. Of course with some nice effects for the loyalist pack owners.

Some thoughts on patches and updates for the upcoming year 2020:

Something I really noticed with the release of the lates expansion FG is the big gap in difficulty and complexity of the boss fights. I would love an patch targeted to the boss fights mainly of the base game. Facelifted boss fights would make playing through the campaign so much more enjoyable. Like a second phase for the Amalgamation, or finaly some upgraded traps for the bloodfeast in tyrant’s hold (why are they not all the time active?), an additional phase to Darius Cronley where you have to fight of massive aether sumons which heal Darius if they reach them.
I am not asking for a pure increase of difficulty as I know these bosses should be doable also for new players I much more ask for more variety and the assignment of the aquired experience and skills crate have gained over the years of creating and polishing grim dawn. (It would also be great to hear more of the awesome combat music than just the first 20 seconds :slight_smile: )

Some further QoL features I still wish to get introduced into the vanilla game are:

any further major changes to the base game will never happen., we will have to accept the dark fate the devs have decided. lets just accept the fact that the base game will continue to be easy peasy, no more expansion, no more big major patches, no more quality of life improvements maybe one or two, no more additional content nor side quests … the definitive edition is the end of the journey!!!

The next little patches will just be about meme balancing the builds and items and yes, lets not forget the loyalist pack that will most likely add more wigs and a burwitch brew 2.0 to lay waste to those who are still sober :smiling_imp:

Anything affecting the game itself except for cosmetic items is unlikely because that would probably make versions of the game different for people who have the Loyalist Pack as against those who don’t meaning it’s difficult for them to multiplay together.

el critico, you’re sounding whiny again. Go back to your corner.


Well, i do know people who’d say the opposite and say its “finally” the “true” beginning of the Journey. Playing the Game without major changes and content-drops anymore and focus on what the Games offers… plus Modding Community and stuff.

Well, due in el_critico’s eyes Grim Dawn seems doomed, i vote for a Name Change and the Game should be called Grim Doom. The two expansions should be called “Ashes of DeadBuilds” and “Forgotten Content-Support”.

Doom with GD skins you mean? I’d play grim doom fo sho

Ability to change character names without mods (unlikely)
Moar lore! New notes, loremaster that tells you about events and the history of the world, artbook with notes…whatever.
Improving modding (Steam Workshop, for example). Example:
Ability to save character presets (attributes, devotions, skills) so we can play various builds on one character swapping only gear. I feel like 50 character slots will be not enough for me.

18th April 2018 dev stream:

"359Titus : any chances for steam workshop support in the future?

Probably not. We looked into it and it seemed like more work than it’s worth at this point."

Change to local saves then no limit on how many characters you can have.

Nice. Thanks for the tip.

Make sure to do it correctly.

Some screenshots on how to do it courtesy of powbam near the end of the thread.

Please add the purple glow to our transmogs like that of arcane mobs! :smiling_imp:

Golden Sentinel set.

Just a little suggestion, from a guy that for each 10 hours playtime spends 8 at the illusionist.
Seeing that we have transparent helmets and shoulders, please, could you also add the “transparent” gloves and medals? Especially medals I am concerned about.

Don’t get me wrong, I like them and that they do show on character (thanks to that I could make my gunslinger infiltrator complete with a sheriff star), I just wish for some illusion combinations I could hide them. For my 35 characters, some 20 use the medal skins that gets completely (or as completetely as possible) obscured by epaulets, or is barely visible otherwise.

Go to the Coven, they now sell an invisible medal tonic.

Medal’s already done

@toapeiron, @medea_fleecestealer - Must have overlooked that, suggestion withdrawn in this case.
Many thanks, and sorry for my confussion. :slight_smile:

hoping we get this before holidays end, otherwise people would turn disloyal! :imp:

My loyalty they have already bought, many times over.
Indeed, were there some Grim-Dawn-esque Sandbox RPG (as in the core mechanics and lore would stay the same, just some more meaningful factions choices, and actually the ability to become a bloodsworn, nad a bit more developed “fashion” system), I would praise Crate every morning. I would even go as far, as to kneel with my forehead touching the floor, facing the general direction of… wherever Crate is based.

East coast USA most of them.

I’m sorry but I’m bumping this.

Is another Loyalist Pack still happening? I’ve seen several posts about it over the past year or so but I’ve never been to determine if it was actually planned/confirmed or merely presumed/hopeful speculation.

If so, awesome. I’m sure whatever Crate’s art team comes up with will be a nice addition. It would be neat to see more armor items that compliment spells like Drain Essence/Siphon Souls and whatever else. There’s a lot of nice looking stuff if you want to run around on fire or have acid running through your veins, but not as much spectral, aether or vitality stuff.

As far as 2020 updates and beyond, I don’t have much to add beyond what I know is already happening and more shared stash space. If I was being really wishful, maybe a dedicated button or menu for cosmetic pets and a bestiary (because lore entries would be cool and it would be nice to be able to see monster abilities and spells without having to look it up online so much).