Idle workers go into the Labour Pool

When idle for longer than a reasonable amount of time, could these workers enter the labour pool and only work within a limited range from their assigned building?


I would very much love this feature. Farmers and foragers have nothing to do all winter, for example. I suggested elsewhere that it would be so much more efficient if you could assign villagers to seasonal jobs, so let them farm from spring until autumn and have them make candles in winter, for example. I would love to have some kind of “year planning” for each villager where you can determine for that villager what job he takes up at what time of year.


Having idle workers default to labors would be very beneficial. I also don’t like that sometimes when they are idling, they wander clear to the other side of the map and then it literally takes a year for them to get back to do their job (noticed this especially with rat catchers).

Thank you! It’s too tedious to manually reassign them.

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Great thread! Farthest Frontier is a great city builder but it can become very tedious reassigning farm laborers at the end of every growing season. This level of micro management isn’t fun IMO. I hope the devs can provide an option to manage labor maybe like you do with crop rotations. I also agree that idle workers are a pain to manage as well. These issues will become even more important as we progress through tiers with it’s added complexity.


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