Illusion of "Freedom of Choice"

I think this is one of the few games that forces casters to invest in unrelated attribute points for late game. As a magical guy, i should meet my survival requirements by mostly items and a few from skills, but not attributes. Since, items are not doing their job %100 when it comes to survival in ultimate, i sacrifice from everywhere as a caster. But physique guys, they gain survivability while gaining dps at the same time(Yes it is, look at the stat distribution of classes, they have more room to focus on dps than casters. Their almost all spells can be converted into health which can’t be done with spells except they say so). This can be proven with current “best” builds. If we look at them; fastest killers are mostly melee and they are more tanky at the same time (except current pet build)… Whenever there is a theorycraft build of magical damage lovers, all their +%80 attributes end up invested in physique. So where is the diversion in this?

You would say, there is no relation between attributes and classes. The problem is some classes are having more advantage than other classes because of this. So there is “relation” even it is not direct.

You say, you are free to mix anything but it is an illusion because in the end all builds converge in many aspects for near or end game.

So my suggestion is, to buff survival aspects of spirit required items so their dps is saved!!!.

Physique does not grant any damage so I fail to understand how weapon builds are gaining in DPS over casters by investing in physique. You can argue that weapon builds are stronger than casters, but that does not mean that it is related to attribute distribution. Also freedom of choice does not mean every option is the optimal one.

It really depends how you gear and set up devotions and augments. Here is a Caster with NO physique that sdoes solo Gladiator on Crucible. Full spirit invesstment. page 2 for the video, bottom post.

So pure casters don’t need to go crazy with physique if that guys can do with none.

There are also melee builds that manage to invest very little into physique and more into cunning like blademasters, even warders and commandos. The trick is to plan the build and know the game. :slight_smile:

Physique does not increase DPS / damage for casters or meleers, so your premise is false which makes the rest / conclusions false as well :wink:

stat distribution wasn’t different in any other arpg. In d2 (commonly known as a milestone of the genre) every build of every class had to put every stat point into vit (an exception was done to match some gear requirement).

Personally i don’t think the quality of “customization” depends on stat distribution variety,putting 0 or 10 into spirit isn’t that exciting, what is exciting is trying different devotion setups, discovering new procs, playing with gear and with skills etc…

I think you are doing the same mistake many players do: you might believe that this game is for single player. I dont think that is the way the developers are approaching. I believe that they are planing this game to be a team game. They want people to play together because that is how an online game reaches success. That is why, items mostly offer either offense or defense, not both.

No, the game is a single player experience with multi-player capability.

You always defend the game no matter what. Your opinion is never considered because you are an as$hair of Crate company. It is like you would defend the company even they kill your family. And you are so fanatic that you can’t accept what i say.

This is actually false. What you are referring to here has more to do with the Crucible (where mobs and bosses have massively reduced DA) than with the actual campaign.

It is indeed true that soloing Gladiator is by far the fastest method for a character to farm legendaries and…most importantly…nice double rolled greens. Because doing Gladiator solo requires a more “tanky” setup, the sword and board Witchblade naturally became the so-called “meta” build. It is reliable, it is tanky, it deals good damage and doesn’t struggle with some particular mob type. This fact, however, does not mean that a WB is the fastest killer in the game. I assure you that any Sorceror or Warlock done right has more AoE, as well as single target DPS under Campaign conditions.

Crucible is a dlc, man…not something you are obliged to do in order to progress.

What he says is true. So this statement is irrelevant to your OP, and his response.

Edited my first paragraph^^

His way of saying is wrong. Not the info he gives. If there is a post about complaining about game, his arguments always try to bash. I can’t consider him.

Again, irrelevant to the thread. You are going OT. His statement is true; there was nothing wrong with how he phrased it.

Ok Lord Advocate… Oh the Irony^^

Yes it is, many melee spells include %weapon damage which can be converted to health by devotions or skills etc. So more dps = more survivability. but not with casters at least directly^^

You are conflating weapon damage with physique, which are unrelated. Casters and Weapon builds benefit exactly the same from physique investment.

why casters use weapon damage spells lol?

Lets look caster range spells
Devastation,panetti,trozan sky shard, storm totem, mortar trap, canister bomb,blackwater cocktail,grasping vines,doom bolt etc… Is there any way that i can convert these spells damage to my health…? There are only two range spells (aside dee) which are sigil and devouring swarm and they only CONVERT their damage.

But %weapon damage spells can be converted to hp by devotions.This is the problem with the game, any build that uses %weapon damage as spells have more advantage.

I am not going to have an argument with you on the merits of weapon damage and why some spells lack it. My only point is that your argument has literally nothing to do with attributes and based on your non-response to my statement it is apparent that you think that way as well, whether or not you choose to acknowledge it.

It is all about iq^^. Melee spells have lots of weapon damage buff while range ones a few. Look at the big picture, Catcha? Catch the point of survivability in this? Can you comprehend the connection ?

And physique plays into that, how?