I'm starting to think drops are not pure RNG

Ok, let’s have a mental experiment, if you will.

There are 3 pieces of Baldir’s set out of 86 non-MI endgame epics (82 lvl+). For simplicity let’s assume i got 20 Baldir’s items and 20 from other sets during campaign (in reality it was more Baldir’s and i remember it well because i kept two chest tabs specifically for blue sets and they were clogged with Baldir’s).

For your feel of RNG, what are the chances of this occurrence - to get 20 out of 40 items from the pool of 3 out of 86? I know the answer but i’m wondering what’s your feeling for it.

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@OP: if you’re new to this game, the biggest advice I can give you is to get rid of all notions of ‘wanting to clear hardest content on my first character.’

Nope. If you hold on to that mentality, you’re gonna have a baaaaad time.

What you need to do, is to build a first character capable of farming efficiently. SR 65 - 66 from what I hear, buffed/bannered 150 clears, dungeon runs, etc.

All of which can be very reasonably done using target farm-able sets (i.e. dark one’s, krieg’s), &/or faction gear.

Agree with that, target farming is very efficient. Just by farming MI’s from regular champions you can in a reasonable time get items that are more powerful than rival legendaries.

To add to what sir_spanksalot just said, you don’t have to go that deep into SR to get loot that’s well worth the time investment. (keep in mind you need to do 2 shards, and not run out the timer to get the full loot)

Another thing I never see mentioned in threads like this is the Falds (Etram, Bella, and Algosia Fald). They can craft you random legendaries by category, it can help limit the RNG aspect somewhat. Of course, you do need the crafting materials, but gathering them might be preferable to fighting the standard loot RNG.

P.S: There is a treasure trove of knowledge in the guides/tutorial section regarding farming efficiently. I’d like to think that mine is the most comprehensive, and most atrociously formatted guide on the topic as a whole bunch of experienced players in the community chimed in to contribute to it.

@lord_mayak: Mate, can those dudes craft level 94 legendaries? I thought they could only whip up non-mythical items.

Yes, Bella and Algosia can. (The ones in the expansion areas)
iirc, Etram cannot.

I couldn’t even do aspirant crucible until my 5th or 6th character, and I didn’t mind at all since I had a lot more fun trying out the different masteries and their combinations. When I was able to do aspirant 150, it was with 3/4 of a set. When I finally completed the set, I did challenger for a very long time without even caring about doing gladiator. Then I noticed I was at the point where I had the gear to do gladiator, and that is where I’m at. This is, of course, before SR was available.

But if someone wants to jump straight to the hardest content as soon as possible, then they have the means to do so, with Krieg’s set, etc., as you said. And it is a lot easier to get gear than before, with the means to complete sets from FG. If you have the blueprint for one part of a set, you can keep trading the crafted piece to complete a set.

@lord_mayak: Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

@OP: Tangentially, I want to emphasise on the importance of focusing on level 84-94 gear, because you’ll never outlevel those guys.

@Anonymous918: Maybe we’ll have to agree to disagree here. I’m fairly certain that if I deleted all my saved data, got rid of GDstash, and played self-found, I’d be able to whip up a pretty decent farming build in about a week, and without spending 24/7 slouched over my laptop.

When it comes to farming/item acquisition, I think an understanding of game mechanics, and knowing how to maximize what you actually have is far more efficient than trying to find ways of getting things you don’t have.

EDIT: Of course it’s unreasonable to expect newer players to have that level of understanding. And of course many (myself included) may want to experience the unforgiving world of GD without guidance. That’s all fine IMO.

Play GD however tf you wish to play it!

The 2 points I’m trying to make is this:

  1. The game is not as item dependent as people make it out to be (heck, people have beaten it without using any masteries!)
  2. If you believe items are the solution to everything, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment

I don’t think I was disagreeing with you. I was just saying there are different ways of having fun in the game. I’m not what point you think we are disagreeing about. I just went on to different characters because I wanted to at a certain level, not because I didn’t feel like I could progress.

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@anonymous918: My apologies if I’m misunderstanding you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope I’m not coming across as combative. I suppose I was just confused by the below, because I read it as ‘gear dependency.’

I can see how that could be understood that way. I most likely had the gear to do gladiator (with a different build than the one that first did it) way before but didn’t care enough or understood enough to try.

not all items have the same probability, so it isn’t a straight 3/86 chance. The level of the area you are in and of the mobs matters as well when it comes to drops, so having 86 items with a level >= 82 is meaningless without a breakdown to levels and an idea of what level items should have been dropping.

So I still go with this being too little data to determine anything and too small a sample size to conclude anything. Now if you had 1000 drops and 50% were one item or one out of 3, then we can talk, but 40 is essentially nothing.

I should’ve probably left it as it was… For the record i reached 94 from like 75 very fast through low SR runs to end the campaign comfortably with 94lvl gear. Also i played once through the whole campaign (rushed through elite) and only grinded in Crucible. But partly you are right, i had several hours between 82 and 94 where i probably got 5-7 blue set items.

Even if the drop chances somewhat differ, it cannot explain the magnitude of the RNG spike. In case you are still interested, the chance of getting 20 out of 40 items from the pool of 3 out of 87 is

1 to 1283997338679665080

I go with you are trying to defend smth for some reason, and i’m not interested in such a discussion. And you are probably tired of answering to me as well.

fine (possibly, did not verify that math), but meaningless. RNG also drops yellows, greens, etc. It determines damage numbers and so forth. So you did NOT have 40 rolls of which 20 were these 3 items. You had maybe a million rolls of which 20 resulted in these 20 items and another 20 resulted in another 20 epic items.

That is correct, the game has many ways of applying RNG and accumulates many such sequencies. However no one pays attention to (or even capable of recording) the majority of them. This is the game heavily based around loot. Blue items are important for leveling. This is what matters and what players pay attention to. I’m not sure why i have to articulate this. Talking about magic rolls and dmg is just derailing from the point. We may as well talk about our bad luck IRL. I get the message.

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which is why your calculation of the odds is not accurate

you did not have to articulate that, but that has no bearance on whether the RNG is flawed or not

no it is not, it is pointing out that determining whether the RNG has an issue or not is a lot more difficult than simply saying ‘I got a lot of the same epic items over a few runs’ (and yes, 100 is a few for this…)

I had a while where I got a lot of one type of pants, now they rarely drop and I get some other few items more frequently. That just means it averages out in the long run, as is expected from an RNG. An RNG does not mean you get everything about equally often all the time, only that it averages out over the long run.

My calculation is accurate because the sample is complete, it’s not cutting out any drops for the sake of proving the point.
It has bearance to the clarity of drop RNG because again, the sample is complete, it is easy to record.
If i only had this one example in mind i would be more prone to assume it’s just an example of an amazing RNG spike. But there were other examples with blue items. This one was just the most ridiculous.

It all boils down to the phrase in the very first post: “i get the same drops over and over”. I played several looters with much bigger communities. People usually complain about poor drops but only here i’ve seen this complaint - about the same drops - several times in such a short period of time. And i have somewhat same experience recorded.

I can’t believe after all i’ve said and the math i did you try to school me about RNG like a 6 yo.

Man, i thought i’ve passed the age where you argue with someone on the internet about meaningless stuff… But some things still get me triggered.

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yes it does, you even agreed that it did, as you only count the epics when the same RNG rolled tons of other items in between (and is also used for other rolls than item drops).

So this is not 40 consecutive rolls out of which 20 were made up of 3 items, as you now claim again

No one is arguing against there sometimes being a spike in one or two items dropping, but you have to show that this is a bug in the RNG / loottables, not just normal behavior of an RNG which is expected to have spikes if it truly is random.