Im Still Saying That GD Need Movement Skills To Be Introduced In Game

Hi Crate Entertainment. I have to say first, that i love your beauty and extensive game. But, like i said a months ago in another thread. This game need have some movement skills which they don´t need to pick on a enemy to use them.

If i said this is, effectively, thinking in those big and extensives zones that your character have to road to arrive to some points, or to complete the misions.

In this chases, when you get slain. You have to do the tired effor to come back again, and cross again walking the same zone as before.

Please CE. Take a look to another tittles like Diablo 2. Or Path of Exile, where character have movement skills like jumps, teleports, charges, etc.

I think this would be a good idea to improve the leveling or travel experience, in this extensive and beatiful world that you created.

Thnx for reading.


I think that would be nice too. Although you don’t necessarily have to add more, being able to target the ground with shadow strike would be cool.

That what i mean. I would like that the actually movement skills in GD could be used just picked on ground, not on enemys. :slight_smile:

Teleport skills are possible, but game breaking. Medierra doesn’t want them for this purpose. There are areas which you can completely bypass with a teleport (all the barricades/bridges). So, that is a no-no.

We have charges, but they have to be targeted most likely due to engine limitations so changing that would not happen ever (until GD 2, cross your fingers boys)

Jumps, I agree I’d like to see that. Or even action rolls/tumbles. I was spoiled by movement powers in marvel heroes and they are tremendous fun, but in Marvel Heroes the maps were WAYYYYYYYY bigger so it was a necessity. In GD, not even close.

New movement skills would require animations and as Asylum101 stated could break the game when it comes to bypassing areas. There is an actual teleport skill that you can give access to the character (Valderan’s teleport) but using it can make you jump over blocked off areas or jump into objects that you shouldn’t be able to get into.

You could probably make a potion with unlimited charges that could give a 1-2 second large increase in movement speed so as to dodge or sprint ahead - then give it a slight cooldown of some sort. Might not look super flashy but would provide some meaning of utility at least.

There’s a reason why movement speed was capped at 135% in the first place. I guess Crate didn’t want to make certain boss fights too easy. Unfortunately that also made general movement more tedious.

Maybe there could be a “sprint” mode for all characters that increases movement speed and cap at the cost of -33% OA and DA while active.

I don’t think it was about Boss Fights but more Mastery’s/Items/Devotion that allowed certain builds to acquire far more Movement Speed that would make them a lot more efficient in farming.

The cap was introduced to give builds more equal footing in that regard.

Your idea may be feasible since Blitz and Shadowstrike skills give a ton of movement speed while breaking the cap. I might look into this myself as I would be interested in giving players some movement speed buffs for either dodging or sprinting but obviously with a respective cooldown - not sure on debuffs but maybe.

I don’t get that because charge skills like Blitz, etc. already make farming much faster. Maybe Crate just overlooked that?

Yes please

Literally every character I use w/o a built in dash has maximum dps component on one weapon and a second on swap with a riftstone. It’s just sad:undecided:

As already stated above my post it’s easy to use the Weapon Switch and have an item with a charge like skill or a Riftstone Component.

Well the thing is, when the weapon with riftstone is switched away, the chaos strike cooldown pauses. So the riftstone weapon would have to be the main weapon with the DPS (or lifesteal, etc.) weapon used for bosses mostly.

But anyway that’s besides the point. Why not raise the movement speed cap when there are already these charge skills to use for efficient farming? Unless there’s some other consideration to keep the cap as it is…

That, and you also may as well not run any weapon auras whatsoever.

+1 from me. There’s a reason I despise playing anything without Soldier/Nightblade or a gimmicky Riftstone. The lack of mobility for casters or pistol users is so boring.

I think I posted about that too in the bug report forum, or maybe I thought of doing so but forgot.
I like to use the Riftstone in my alternate swap on characters that don’t have a mobility skill but the frozen cooldown thing is annoying indeed.

IIRC the developers have said that the no-target mobility skill was an engine limitation, but having it would make the game so much more convenient.
Maybe you could overcome the limitation by spawning an invisible dummy unit at your cursor when you click so you can charge at that.

In Titan Quest IT we got something like this.
In Grim Dawn we can have a consumable item that grant movement speed bonus for x sec.

I thought of this as well when it comes to spawning a static attack able target however I’ve noticed that sometimes with Mortar / Storm Totem you can bypass obstructions with their spawning (over a wall and such) which could be a problem with such an approach.

I’m curious about Valdaran teleport. Is it like Shadow Strike and Blitz when he can only use it when he targets you or is it a free teleport? If it’s a free teleport, then they can make a similar skill for the player.

It’s a free teleport. Blitz and SS are melee skills, his skill doesn’t include a melee component (haven’t noticed one atleast). I can understand if they feel it trivializes the game, but the ranged builds constantly have to weapon swap just to use a movement skill. And it’s a real pain. Maybe a ranged exclusive (that not even casters can use through focus unlike bolts and stuff) teleport component might solve this.

But correct me if i’m wrong, i think modders would know this. The teleport in this game isn’t limited by anything unlike WC3 Frozen Throne’s Blink that the warden could never use to get past doors that the quest required her to break (like the final door to Illidan in the mission set in Sargeras’ Tomb). So the lack of limitation would mean one could easily teleport out of Shar’Zul room and kill him with the “door” closed.

Urgh, no. Dodge rolls are the worst thing ever to happen to RPGs. The moment you make defense into an active mechanic instead of a passive one, you devalue all of the defensive stats in the game and force every character of every type into a glass cannon. If you don’t believe me, look at any Guild Wars 2 guide; every single one, without exception will recommend full glass cannon gear because you’re expected to be good enough at dodging to not need any defensive gear.

More topically, I"m not sure movement skills in GD are a great idea either. They are fun, but most of the arguments I’ve seen for them (that they’re needed for closing the gap with ranged attackers, for instance, or getting out of sticky situations) smack of the mentality that actually investing in defensive stats - or really anything that detracts from the almighty DPS - is unfun and that’s just not something I can get behind.

agreed, RPGs are supposed to be stat based, not player skill based, otherwise I might as well play CoD or something like that

Yup, victor vran tried to do this and didn’t work out too well. I liked the concept, but the doge roll was very poorly implemented, at least give it i-frames or something.