Importing stuff from Titan Quest


I’m trying since the morning to find a way to import stuff from Titan Quest. It detects the .dbr and I can edit it even if it detects it as an old stuff.

But when it comes to texture I can’t even import them because I can’t even click on “Ok” button.

Have I done something wrong or is there an other and easier way to import things from titan quest ?

Thanks in advance.

Concerning textures…

How are you even on the “Assets” tab while the Textures Properties dialogue pops up? Normally the original texture would be placed in:
Sources tab/YourMod/folder directory.
From there, you would “Auto-Create Asset” that places the converted .tex file into:
Assets tab/YourMod/folder directory.
Build the .tex file into the database by right clicking on the file while on the Assets tab or pressing F7.
Lastly the .tex would need to be referenced inside an imported or created .dbr under the Database tab.

hint: the tabs are placed left to right as in working order.

Thanks you have resolved my problem

Yay :smiley:

However, I’ll be awaiting the can of worms relating to the actual models and animations… :eek:

So now the main problem is to import the .msh file I don’t know if I have to convert it or something because I can import it in my ressources but don’t find a way to create asset with or to link it to the .dbr.

Is this legal if you owner both games?

Since they share the game source’s files to game owners I don’t think at some point the law will forbide to merge contents.

I fiddled with importing textures into the game, and I got it to work. The real issue with tex files is the “seams”

I got the msh creation program to work, but you need a few extra pieces of data that I couldn’t extract. The Asset Manager is probably the ideal way to do this since it does so much. Placing them in the appropriate path? A good thing.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn>ModelCompiler.exe
Usage: ModelCompiler.exe <mdl file> [<mif file> <source directory> ] <msh file>
        -mif <mifFile> <source directory>   : Specify a model information file.
        -tangents                           : Include tangent space vectors in the model.
        -vertexColors                       : Include vertex colors in the model.
        -stat <statFile>                    : Write model statistics.

Contrary to the speculation in the titan quest mod community, the MDL and MIF formats are new, proprietary, restricted to this engine, and have information in common with a triangle (not poly) based 3D Studio Max model.

I have got this and then a .obj file but the asset manager can’t create an asset with.

So basically at this point I have a .dbr moded as I want and I just need a way to convert the .obj to a format which is supported by the asset manager to convert it as a .msh

Edit: I have maya but I don’t know in which format I should export the .obj

Let ask you again… it is legal to use the stuff from TQ in GD if you owner both games?

Considering how much stuff is still named after what it was in tq, it probably doesn’t matter.

Why would it be illegal? If mods followed copyright laws, we wouldn’t have 99% of the mods we have for other games.

Legal to use and mod? Sure why not.

Will you get a cease and desist letter, as other mods that do this? Maybe. Probably not.

Back in the early days of GD - I remember Crate saying how they would have to change various formats to be able to use the engine so that people could not import TQ stuff.

Why would it be illegal? If mods followed copyright laws, we wouldn’t have 99% of the mods we have for other games.

Mods that incorporate other games into the mod are often times shut down. I have seen Warhammer, Starcraft, Pokemon, Resident Evil mods, all get shut down because they try to make that game in another engine. I think the reasoning is that you are siphoning money from their game, and pumping it into another. Why buy a gameboy and pokemon when you can just play an Unreal 3 mod?

Ummm… In this case we only have to try… expecting if Nordic Games say something about it.

Good to see you here Asylum101, I don’t know if you remember when I tried to create a mod in TQ with my friends… we gonna try again, but with something easier.

So ok, but then I have enough skills to make my own 3d’s meshes so how can I import them to grim dawn ?

I have contacted them to know if I can do it.

Sorta really doubt that they’ll allow it…
Nordic consists of a majority of old Jowood guys. People that hindered modding solely for fearing customers could provide too much content themselves hindering further sales, as for example a former Phenomic employee confirmed. (Spellforce) And that would have been something beneficial for their own game, so…

Don’t hope for too much. :confused:

Didn’t say I get answered.

Hehe, yeah. Edited my former post to reflect better what I meant. :slight_smile:

So anyone knows how to import custom meshes to our mod ?