Improving Blitz

Buffing Blitz is something that came up recently in the Krieg Cadence topic and a fair number of people want to see it get some love so I figured why not make a place to discuss it. It’s not just a Krieg thing either, Justice builds rarely focus on Blitz, Markovian builds are rare as well and both support it so making the core skill more attractive would make these sets more appealing for other things.

How about lowering the cooldown overall?

Compared to other movement-based damage skills like Shadow Strike and Vire’s Might, Blitz has the highest base cooldown and has no innate mastery node that lowers the cooldown ala Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends/Tectonic Shift.

This is important as lower cooldown is part of what allows these skills to stand on their own in builds around them, being able to drastically reduce the cooldown means they’re less dependent on other skills and also makes playing them more fluid. Blitz’s high cooldown means that no matter how you use it, you always have to take another skill or 2 to use in between uses.

I’d suggest either lowering the base skill cooldown from 3.8 seconds to around 3 seconds, or better yet, just give -x second cooldown reduction to Blindside.


Replacing the knockdown with stun would also improve the skill. I know it only works on trash mobs, but it’s annoying knocking them away and having to run up to them to finish them off. It’s honestly the main thing i don’t like about Blitz.


Maybe at softcap it could have an extra ‘charge’ so you can use it twice immediately and at max overcap one more charge.