In your opinion, which enemies have become terrifyingly stronger in

EDIT: For the record, I am NOT trying to petition for crate to make enemies weaker, I’m just curious as to what players are struggling with

If possible, please indicate which game mode this enemy was fought in using the following tags:

  • SR (shattered realm)
  • Cr (gladiator crucible)
  • MC (main campaign)

Feel free to include in what way they are scarier!

I’ll start:

  1. Avris Marrowill (Cr) - her blood orb projectiles thing now deal a ridiculous amount of %health reduction (up to 45%!)

  2. Mad queen (Cr) - Despite GT listing the cooldown of her self-applied buff as 12s, with an uptime of 5, it feels vastly shorter to me. Can anyone else confirm this?

  3. Father Kymon (Cr): Not sure what he was like prior to, but his leap attack (which applies 350DA shred) combined with his fire/physical shotgun (which shreds 405 armor) will one shot most specs.

  4. Moosie (Cr): Before freeze reduction, his OFF has a freeze duration of 3s, and applies a -30% phys RR to you. Furthermore, his ice crystals freezes for 1.7s, and attacks every 1.2s. Having 2 moosies in spawn simultaneously is rather terrifying.

Not sure if I’m forgetting anything (or if anyone agrees here), but it feels like the amount of CC effects packed by enemies has increased dramatically.

Agree with Avris. His damage is even ridiculous cuz he solely can be a bigger problem in Cruci than other bosses on wave 159.
Moosi too. Seems like he started hitting harder, and although he’s still not the main issue but combined with some really powerful Nemesis like Grava his OFF and TSS can become really annoying and dangerous.

Also, I had an experience of Sentinel on wave 159 hitting somewhat harder even than Nemesis. Seems not absolutely healthy (but maybe he got well-rolled MIs).

Korvaak (Cr) - still annoying. Long invincibility phase, summons, long phase-changing.

Right, he’s invulnerable then isn’t he?

This has always been a problem, but I also just want to briefly mention how it’s almost impossible to pick out dangerous enemies in 169, namely annie and dravis.

Dravis’ RE can/will one shot you if you’re not paying attention.

He’s invulnerable during his phase-changing, if you’re about this.
And this becomes even more enraging when you have Grava/Kaisan spawned in the bottom left corner. They also have some “preparing” animation so you’re standing like a fool, unable to normally damage Nemesis (as I don’t want much to stand in those green flames against Grava) and Korvaak since he’s invulnerable.

Reaper of the Lost (Cr). I’m not sure anything major was done to him recently but it seems he has a little more health now. And with how pregressively stronger he gets by the time he stays alive you must kill him first. But with aether based character without 120+ RR you can’t. I have one of those and Reaper seems like 3 times stronger than any other enemy, he is literally the only reason the char dies in cruci.

Seems like Reaper in the best-balanced nemesis now, looking generally (imo).
It is more like a general rule that some nemesis are harder for certain class combos (Grava for fire builds, Reaper - for aether/chaos, Cuba - for cold/vit etc).

RE reaper: Decreased DPS is probably due to CC/debuffs (e.g. -25% damage reduction from korvaak’s fucking eldritch throne)

Kuba treats my another char, cold based, accordingly. But he can be played around with repositioning, if you carefully lead him away from his pools you can kill him just fine. Same for Fabius and Kaisan, they live longer against pierce but eventually die even though my pierce build doesnt have a lot of RR. But Reaper is just gg for aether.

Do you have sanctified bone &/or revenant constellation?

Yeah, i have the bone. -103% RR applied within a second. Doesn’t help. Alex also lives for long but he is not as lethal. Everything else melts.

Aleksander shouldn’t be as bad as reaper because you should have racial bonus to atherials as it is (I’m assuming one of the classes here is an arcanist?)

But reaper…he has 94% aether res and 3.7million hp. So -103% RR is not enough

It should be enough. Sometimes i’m wondering if RR mechanic is working as we all believe it should. My cold based char has smth like -180% RR. Even with his 94% res Kuba should melt faster than most bosses because his health pool is low and he takes double dmg compared to triple dmg on things with no cold res. But it certantly doesn’t feel that way.

Mind sharing the GT?

IMO, problem is lack of RR. Revenant should be better than DG here. Also has adcth and AS + racial bonus

You might also want to try seal of corruption, and hardcapping flame touched.

I don’t think 8% RR will solve anything here. I’m scrapping the build anyway (although it’s a shame Krieg is so mediocre now) so i’m likely to take the Revenant. But you have to take into account, i’m applying 25 reduced res immediately here as opposed to Revenant where you need some skeletons alive to apply it right away.

So far, the only surprise was from MC’s Sentinel (lvl 100 char) which actually killed me with some extreme DOTS. Even moreso, since this char has both OG and Ascension.

And the mutators from the temple of the 3 didn’t have any wierd buffs/debuffs.
But I’m not whining here, maybe he always had high dots too.

As for the CR 130-150, haven’t seen any difference (neither from mossy, still easy as always).
150-170, never doing it, I don’t have any decent enough chars for completing it.

Seal of corruption + Revenant give them near perpetual uptime. And seal of corruption gives fat OA, flat damage, and %aether. What’s not to love about it?

^THAT’s is strange…could it be reflect damage?

I.e. are you ‘hitting yourself’?

Nothing not to love, it’s just another build that’s all. We will see. Whatever it will be - corruption + Revenant will not solve the problem on paper. It will be like +20% dmg to Reaper combined. And the result has to maintain the initial dmg which will be very hard because of how much dmg Krieg gives.

Regardless, might be worth a test!

And for the record - I like your take on krieg’s sorc. v creative.

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