Increase hard limit of 40 (in current state) to 100 (or more) masteries in game engine

After I played a lot with mod “Dawn of Masteries” enabled, I found out that current number of masteries (36 total) is close to hard limit of 40 masteries. And it limits the author of the mod (or the compilation of mods as I prefer to call it) to exclude from the mod many interesting choices of masteries from other mods.

I do understand that (36 * 35 =) 1260 of possible masteries combinations sounds like a lot to an average player. But if we can have more (and if not this limitation we already could have more in “Dawn of Masteries” mod), than why not? Why artificially limit our choices?

“Crate Entertainment” will have benefit. Because players will have more interesting content (created by modders). It will increase the popularity and replayability of “Grim Dawn”.

“Crate Entertainment” will not have losses. Because big compilations of mods will demand existence of all previous add-ons (DLCs) for mods to work properly with all new game mechanics implemented in DLCs. So it will incentivize players to buy all new expansions, that Crate Entertainment will create in future.

“Crate Entertainment” will have no big problems will implementing this change in game engine source files. I assume so. It depends on the way it was implemented in engine. Maybe it will take to only change number 40 to 100 in source file. Maybe it will demand to make more complex changes.

Zantai wrote:

V1.1.6.1 Hotfix 1

[Mod Tools]

Increased the maximum number of Masteries to 80
Increased the number of Special Animation references per weapon category to 80

Link to hotfix

Thank you Zantai. I hoped but I did not believe. Dreams come true with Crate Entertainment.