Inquisitor Seal Discussion

So arcane empowerment was nerfed/changed?


It did get nerfed IIRC.


Nerfed to 0?

No one gets seal on melee anymore except on super tanky builds, so yes it’s basically 0

That’s a problem with the players and not the game. Don’t use something in a mastery? Then people shouldn’t claim that it doesn’t have a specific thing when they refuse to use the skill that actually has the thing they claim the mastery doesn’t have.

Also, i find it hilarious that some people for months, probably years, complained that seal was broken. But apparently now people skip it in melee builds, arguably the build archetype that benefits the most from it.


You guys are just nitpicking. Yes, arcanist also has RR on OFF but no one talks about that. The reason why melee doesn’t pick seal anymore is because it’s not good anymore (on most melee builds). You’re so hung up on the old OP 2018 seal that you forget that it’s already 2021. Both seal and empowerment have been nerfed. Also, contrary to what you’re saying melee benefits the least from seal, unless we’re talking superbosses. You want to jump into enemies, not wait for them to come. By the time you clear stuff your seal still isn’t off cooldown and you have to lure enemies towards it if you wanna use it, which is better on ranged and casters. This is excluding seal supported builds of course like bonemonger where you can just spam it.

Let’s say you still try to get seal/empowerment so that you can get whatever flat damage inq offers for your elemental build. Then it turns out worse than just maxing out deadly aim or squad tactics or steel resolve (which is true most of the time damage-wise based on experience). Then can you really say that inq offers meaningful flat elemental damage?

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Or SR…

In order to shave of precious seconds in CR, sure seal will slow you down.

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SR 100 sure. SR 75 no. Also we’re talking damage. Whether you max seal or not, arcane empowerment isn’t worth it aside from that one value point.

Lol people were still complaining about it last year.

So, let me get this straight. The AoE in skills like FW is worthless in Cruc because enemies jump instantly into you the second they spawn, meaning you don’t even have to move for them to come to you. So a skill that literally the entire point is stand your ground and tank everything is bad here, how?

Because it doesn’t let you do that anymore. This isn’t aom seal when censure+seal+ghoul was basically all you need to survive.

And why did that happen? Tell me. Maybe the nerfs to Seal and Arcane Empowerement were actually unnecessary all this time and all the people claiming for it to be nerfed were overreacting.

Why are you baiting this guy? He already told you this isnt 2018 anymore.

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Are we even talking about the same thing here? I’m talking in the context of melee only. Casters and ranged still get 12/12 a lot of times. Didn’t think i needed to spell that for you. It was OP. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth it for all builds now and doesn’t mean it’s worth it for most melee builds now.

That’s just typical norzan talk :rofl:

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And i’m talking solely on the context of melee, which was the reason why it was even nerfed in the first place.

I should have known, with the Noctis avatar.

Judging by grimtools, at natural skil cap flat elemental bonus is 20(without devotions items and only 40 points in mastery.

Then mission accomplished. Seal isn’t used on melee anymore. Which brings us back to the original statement. Inq has basically zero flat for elemental melee because seal and arcane empowerment aren’t worth it

If you’re gonna mock me, at least know the character from my user image.

I very much doubt the mission was to make seal useless on melee.

And we wouldn’t be having this conversation if seal and arcane weren’t nerfed the way they did. People wouldn’t be claiming that it’s useless to melee and seal and arcane aren’t worth invest into. And no, it isn’t a “2018 thing”, it was nerfed last year.

I’m done with this argument since it’s clearly going nowhere.

My mistake. BigSwordman. :nerd_face: