Interview with Arthur Bruno on working remotely

Turn out we were quarantining before it was cool.

An insightful interview with Arthur Bruno about how Crate Entertainment came to be and how our atypical work environment has become the norm in these unusual times:


Long but interesting read. He sounds like a very down-to-earth man.

Unfortunate to hear how TQ never got the attention it deserved; we can only imagine how much more it could have been with better backing.

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You made my day :laughing:


I dig this work philosophy of not spending time on fluff, loose structure/planning and just focusing on improving the game on a day-to-day basis.


Really nice read!

I really miss the times Arthur would post in these boards… Loved hearing his thoughts about the game and other stuff in general.

Hope he is doing well.


Agreed… he has made a handful of recentish posts tho. Have a look here in case you missed them…

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Quarantine? Business as usual :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh boy, if Zantai or Grava are not wearing pants during streams. :scorv:

Interesting interview indeed. Very in-depth. Now I wanna read the Crate group chat with all the memes and stuff :scorv:

Bruno: I don’t really believe in meetings, so we don’t really have those, and I’d probably try to avoid them in a physical office too. While maybe you do sometimes need to get a group of people all talking about a problem, the vast majority of meetings waste more time than they solve problems.

I read this out loud to my GF. She works for a big company and has so many meetings per week, it’s ridiculous. She wholeheartedly agrees with him.

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Yeah, hubby’s boss is in meetings most of the week which is ridiculous. How does any work get done?

Seriously, so agree with this punchline. I don’t do a lot of meeting, but working in noisy office place whereas I could work better at home… it’s ridiculous how a lot of companies remain retrograde and stuck with bad decisions, stupid coporate inertia…

Crate’s Employees are very lucky !!

They hire ??? :sweat_smile::rofl:

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This is interesting. I never even realized you guys were all working remotely. I just assumed there was an office somewhere. This makes so much more sense though.

It also makes me reflect about Titan Quest some. Wasn’t there a longer essay from Bruno about the development and how the publisher didn’t want the enemies to look too human, and for the game to be “something my grandma could play” ?

Yup, I kinda remember it. Not sure where it is - could have been in a very old interview I think with some website.

I recall that humans weren’t added because they would get a Mature rating on the game (it was either Mature or the one below it). This is also hilarious because THQ ended up adding human enemies in the Ragnarok expansion and they look so out of place.

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THQ Nordic


THQ is faster to type. image

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Well I couldn’t find the one I was thinking of (I swear I remember that “grandma” line) but this one has a lot of details:

Searching for this, it was funny going back and reading so many old Grim Dawn interviews from the olden days (as old as 2010), talking about how small and humble the game would be, and not expecting even 10% of TQ’s sales…

It might be buried in this 4 hour plus interview Arthur did back in 2013 just after the alpha came out. While it’s mainly about GD of course he does have a lot to say about Titan Quest stuff as well.

Video doesn’t seem to want to work with Firefox, but it will work with Microsoft Edge. Don’t know about other browsers as those are the only 2 I use.

I dunno… I’m in edge and it doesn’t appear to be working…