Is there any lazy build withoout pets or ranged?

hey guys,

Is there any lazy build without 10 skills to use all the time :slight_smile:


Could look at some auramancer/proc-based builds.

Pierce Blademaster. Especially dual wield, have only few skills and it’s strong.

since the author is the epitome of crafting lazy builds, this is likely lazy.

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Any devouring swarm lazy build?

Devouring is for the debuff not dmg. Can’t really build around it.

Like they say, pierce blademasters or any SR set based melee (SR set acid dervish is also a one-hander - need no keyboard - search forum for “cookie dervish”). Or phys EoR warlord (search for “phallus” lmao). Or overcome the laziness - caster power is blown out of proportion this patch and worth the piano.

Physical EoR is probably one of the laziest builds I’ve played. but it also has the flexibility to become quite active if you start trying to focus maximizing speed via 3 mobility skills.