Is there any mod that makes buffs more visible?

Essentially, I play a lot of builds featuring Occultist/Inquisitor/Nightblade which feature use of their Temporary Buffs (Blood of Dreeg/Word of Renewal/Pneumatic Burst)

However, in the base game, the only way to keep track of these buffs to maintain 100% uptime is to watch the teeny tiny buff icons in the corner of the screen (Or to constantly spam them at the cost of the situational use of using their instant heal at an appropriate time)

Are there any mods that improve this? By making the icons bigger or some other method of making it easier to keep track of?

Maybe Grim Internals have some text indicators of buffs being active?
I think you can display text on the screen with your buffs in a chosen position and font color.

You can also mod the game to have these buffs permanently.

A different solution is GDAutocaster program. It has a feature of autospamming these buffs with a given frequency + additional option of resetting the timer in the program on manual use [so that automatic cast is delayed when you decide to manually cast]. You can set it to autocast as rarely as possible to have it permanent and the same time the highest probabililty of having it available if needed.