Is there something wrong with some items' affix tendency?

This is great but you should try doing the analysis in Row Zero; you can have all the data right there in your sheet! Easier to show your work. :slight_smile:

Also, it looks like you haven’t enabled link sharing on the google doc you shared. I couldn’t open it.

Sorry for that. I have reset the sharing settings and it’s OK now.

Row Zero is good, but I’m not yet proficient in using it.

Or… just drop the bias altogether and let RNG handle this. Such manual intervention will always leave something to be desired.

Hmm by the way, would you take this into consideration?:face_in_clouds: Add Ascended sets (Casque and Shoulderplates) to some Bosses’ loots?

My friends and I have just uploaded and farmed Blaze Herald and Heart Of T.M… It seems that you increase the bias of “Of Sanctification”, instead of “Of Shattered Reality”? Is that a mistake?

By the way, “Of Insanity” still has too high bias. This is not a very big issue, though.

i’m kinda curious if magick pet prefixes has a higher prevalence than magick player affixes, on non-pet caster/accessory items specifically, on 1.2.1 :thinking:
obv potential confirmation bias being possible, seems like ex stuff like subjugator appears more often than stalwart/aggressive/mystic on ex player dmg caster offhands