Is there something wrong with some items' affix tendency?

As the title says, some certain affix seem to appear abnormally less on some certain items, which ought to have tendency to them.
To give my own example, I’ve been farming Blaze Herald these days and have seen about 100 of it. The suffix “Of Insanity” and “Of Torment Souls” have both appeared over 15 times, yet the suffix “Of Shattered Reality” hasn’t shown up even once. As for the affixes, “Essence Drinker’s” appears a lot more than “Aetherfire” (9 times vs only once).
I can’t understand why they are just rarer than other common rare affixes. These affixes are all not class affixes like “Sorcerer’s”, which ought to be much rarer. Are they been forgotten from other aether affixes? Blaze Herald is even an attack weapon, not a cast weapon. The fking cast suffix “Of Insanity” is making me insane.
The same situation also occured with Heart Of Theodin Marcell.
And Boneblade. Since v1.2, it strangely lost its bleeding affix tendency. As a vitality and bleeding weapon, its tendency to bleeding affixes is no different from elemental affixes or so on. That’s unfair.
Several other items might have similar issue. I could not remember and list them at the moment.
Could you please check whether there is really something wrong? Or is it some kind of game balance setting? I don’t think that can convince me, though.


Thanks a lot, here I have the data.

I don’t think this is fair.

Boneblade’s humorous bleeding tendency.

Heart of T.M.

Now I’m sure there’s something wrong with these items and affixes.

i’d guess it’s the same issue as with another affix where there was a digit too many/too little? compared to the total, which results in lower than intended affix ratio
*i’m assuming that since it seems like a pretty straight forward aether “priority” affix

Err…I don’t really understand how these affixes appear, to be honest. But they are definitively bullied😢

basically in the loot tables there is a bunch of digits corresponding to the loot weights or “bias” of the affix, which is then part of a total pool
so say affix 1-2-3-4 each has 15000 as value assigned to them out of a total pool of 100.000 combined for all affix drops,
so, if affix 1 had 1500 set instead, that would then drastically change the outcome,
^something similar was discovered recently iirc

Looks like Shattered Reality and Aetherfire were missing their bias for caster weapons at high levels. Fixed in v1.2.1. Thanks.

Boneblade never had Bleed bias, but it can be added. Sure.


Gratifying news. Thanks a lot😸

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May add pet bias to Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle and Death-Watcher Pendant? Lunal has pet conversion and is useful for vitality pets. Death-Watcher Pendant also fits vitality pets and aether pets.

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those are also useful to non pet builds tho, so it being neutral is probably better than pet bias

Yes. But pet prefix and suffix are much less than non-pet, so you would only get one pet after over 20 non-pet. I don’t mean to change it to 1 pet : 1 non-pet, but maybe around 1 pet : 3 non-pet or 1:4.

belts are neutral, so adding pet bias would indeed skew it to pets compared to non pets
*i’m also not sure it’s fitting to add player bias to it, since it would “upset” the neutrality status compared to other items

To add a few more to this list:

Ugdenbog Flamestrife:

I understand, why there is some chaos bias on the item, but combined with the other non-elemental types, the tendency to roll the useless (for casters) “Void-Touched” or “Searing”, plus the 1-in-3 chance to drop the right dagger to begin with, this one is quite hard to pick up a decent one of.

Riftclaw Slicer:
Converts most relevant damage types to fire, but the bias is all over the elemental types. Stormcharged is actually the most frequent rare prefix, followed by Frostborn, Glacial and Thunderstruck, all of which are pretty irrelevant.

Chosen Epaulets:
Since 1.2, they roll with an increased bias to physical affixes, which displace pierce affixes by sheer number, yet the only use I have seen for them is the pierce-conversion. Physical builds seem to not use these shoulders, but I might be wrong.
It’s also very difficult to find one with a defensive rare affix like “Menhir’s Wall” etc.

Rime-Rotten Wand:
This one rolls with a massive cold-bias, yet it converts all cold damage to acid for it’s only relevant use.
(Can’t check this in modal’s DB, but I crafted ~50 of them and its bias is very obvious)

I think this is the 3rd bug now that’s been discovered because of my sheet? I wonder if you all could find a use for Row Zero in your development process :slightly_smiling_face:

This is standard Caster dagger loot roll behavior.

It has pierce and physical bias, as intended.

This was a mistake, looks like a note in the loot table was left saying “cold” which is inaccurate. Will fix in 1.2.1.

Thank @modal for his sheet.
I went through all weapons, off-hands and shields and checked their rare Affixes to see whether there were other mistakes left out.
And here are the results.
GD Affix statistics 1.2.0
I highlighted what were strange and what might be mistakes or errors in the last column.

Following are some excerpts:

  1. Wrong bias:
  • Wraithbound (weapon) is regarded as Vitality and Aether Prefix.
  • the Venomclaw (weapon) is regarded as Aether Suffix.
  • Riftclaw Slicer is a Fire Weapon, and Korvaak’s Storm-Blade is a pure Lightning Weapon. But their bias is Elemental (mix of Fire, Cold and Lightning).
  1. Missing bias (drop rate < 2%):
  • Physical Weapon: Earthbound, Barbaric
  • Fire Weapon: Arcane Balance
  • Cold Weapon: Rimefrost, Arcane Balance
  • Lightning Weapon: Skyfallen (non-Caster), Celestial Wrath (Caster)
  • Vitality Weapon: Essence Drinker’s (Caster), Insanity (Caster)
  • Aether Weapon: The Abomination, Celestial Wrath, Shattered Reality (all Caster)
  • Aether and Chaos Off-hand: Shattered Reality
  • Mixed Elemental Affixes (like Runecarved and Scorched Runes) are only common on Caster Weapons and rare on non-Caster Weapons. I think Enchanter’s, Runecaster’s, Incanter’s, Runecarved and the Sage are designed for only Caster Weapons, as they have only Cast Speed, no Attack Speed, or provide Spirit. The Elements and Scorched Runes provides both Attack Speed and Cast Speed, making the two be more like for both Caster and non-Caster, but they are still rare on non-Caster Weapons.
  1. Bleed mixed items:
    Like Boneblade, there are other items that have Bleed Modifiers but do not have Bleed bias.
    Boneslicer, Scorpius Bludgeon, and Troll Bonecrusher.

  2. Unfair weights:
    Some afffixes are so common while others are too rare .I’m not sure whether these were intentional or mistakes.

I hope it can be helpful. @Zantai

true, I’ve just noticed that yesterday.

thank you for your hard work to find all of this. nice work, and hope they will improve the affixes🐱