[Resource] Affix drop rates for rare MIs in a spreadsheet

You may have seen my previous post about How to determine the drop chance for an MI w/ specific affixes. In that post, I describe the math you’d have to do and where to look in the game database files to find the numbers you’d plug in. But that’s still a lot of effort. There’s an easier way.

I have pre-processed the game database into a 27 million row CSV file. That’s too big for excel or google sheets, but I’ve uploaded it to a new spreadsheet tool: Row Zero. This spreadsheet is still in beta, but it can handle much larger data sets than excel. Row Zero recently added the ability to make a copy of a workbook, so you can get your very own copy of my data here: Link to spreadsheet. Just select File > Make a copy.

The data is current as of patch

Let me describe the contents of this workbook so you know what you’re getting into.

Source sheet

This sheet just has a datatable with the entire 27 million row data set. The columns in that table are:

Loot Table: this is the name of the game database file for a specific item. Usually you can ignore this, but in the case of some items (Nemesis MIs, mainly), they have more than one loot table, so you may want to filter to a specific one.

Prefix: an item prefix (e.g., Devastating or Thunderstruck)

Item: the name of the item that the loot table is for (e.g., Moosilauke’s Pauldrons). Only green MIs are included in this data set.

Suffix: an item suffix (e.g., of Squalls or of the Eagle)

Prefix Tier: magic or rare

Suffix Tier: magic or rare

Difficulty: always Ultimate. I have filtered out Normal and Elite difficulty to keep the data size more manageable.

Dropper: one of Boss, BossChest, Hero, or Vendor. The drop rates for affixes vary depending on where the item comes from. Other possible values are Common, CommonChest, Champion, ChampionChest, and HeroChest, but I find those less useful so I have not included them in this data to keep the row count down.

Challenge Layer: one of None, Easy, Hard, Rogue-like, or Endless Dungeon. The drop rates for affixes also vary in areas with mutators. These are the different tiers of such areas as described in the game database files. I’m not 100% sure what they map onto in the game.

Drop Chance: the chance that the item drops with the affixes in this row, given the modifiers from Difficulty, Dropper, and Challenge Layer.

Scratch sheet

On this sheet, I’ve pivoted the data in Source. This is mostly what I use the workbook for: filter to a specific item (and loot table), then pick a Dropper, Difficulty, and Challenge Layer, and see what the chance for different Prefixes and Suffixes are for that item. Say you wanted to know what the chance that Milton’s Casque drops with the Overseer’s prefix is, for example. What you’d do here is:

  1. double-click on the table to open the pivot configuration panel
  2. move Prefix and Item to Rows and Drop Chance to Values (remove Suffix if present)
  3. change the Item filter to select only “Milton’s Casque”
  4. change the Dropper filter to select only “Boss”
  5. change the Challenge Layer filter to select only “None”

the pivot table will update to show the chance for every prefix given those modifiers. Overseer’s should be near the top (table is sorted by drop chance from high to low).

Chaos S&B Sent sheet

This sheet is an example of how I use the drop chances to estimate the expected effort to farm the green MIs needed to complete a build. The math for this is described in my previous post, How to determine the drop chance for an MI w/ specific affixes.

I hope you find this data useful!

Disclaimer: I am one of the engineers building Row Zero. If you find any bugs in the spreadsheet or have any feedback on it or questions about the product, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop a comment below or send me a DM.