Is veteran really worth it?


I started all my char on veteran because… well because i’m a badass… lol.

I just turn it of now just for trying and the game is SO MUCH smoother and easier it’s unbelievable.

For the 10% xp, do you think veteran worth it though?

veteran isn’t for efficiency
it’s for increased challenge level for those that find normal to easy/enjoy leveling and don’t aim to rush through everything with time as their priority


I am pretty experienced but still always start on normal.

If I want bigger challenge, there’s elite and ultimate and of course end game.

In veteran you’ll start without any gear or devotions, so first few levels might be sluggish. Still for some players, early levels is a nice challenge.


What Nery and GI said. I used to only play veteran for the added challenge. After leveling so many characters, I switched to just leveling in Normal, it’s a lot faster. For the 10% XP bonus, no it isn’t worth it, because it’s canceled out by the slower clearing time.

It can be nice if you find Normal too easy/boring, but yeah it’s certainly not for speed.


Honestly i have to most fun with the game on Veteran. I don’t care for super efficient leveling (i still use the skills that are the best for leveling) or else i would skip the most i could to reach Ultimate, but i find it more fun than endgame and specially Elite (this is the dullest difficulty because leveling starts to slow down but the game somehow gets easier than Veteran).

The consistent level ups and gear tier gaps being shorter than lategame item tiers is why i find it the most fun.


Depends on how you play. If you’re fast leveling with lokarr gears and potions; just getting some certain point and getting shrines, some level then using tokens to go directly to ultimate; then yes %10 exp is a good boost. But probably getting to Necropolis with normal should be easier&faster than getting there with veteran.

I usually have fun while leveling and it’s always veteran.


In my experience (which is limited, after all, I am quite noobish) one plays Veteran for the same reason that one plays Hardcore classless. To experience the most punishing environment possible.

If you want GD to be “Rogue-lite” and “Souls-like”, I highly recommend Hardcore Classless, AND Veteran difficult from game start until Elite. I am still working at it, I have lost about 7 characters so far but learned many valuable lessons.

I cannot go back now. It’s changed me, forever.

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The key is in the name, say it with me: Veteran, what’s that spell? Veteran! Yes.

Hint: once you become even more badass you will usually be able to play Veteran almost as smooth and easily as Normal.

You also get more than just 10% extra XP, due to the increased Hero spawn rates you get significantly higher amounts of loot orbs to pop and thus, more chances at “better” loot. Got the expansions as well and access to Monster Totems? Well, guess what, on Veteran these Monster Totems spit out both harder and more Hero mobs - translating into, yet again, more loot.

Thanks to this it becomes relatively easy to kit out your Veteran toons nicely and thus become a bit… OP? Which can make the Veteran ride trivial after a certain point.


Know what, I’m even more than a veteran (no, really no), but i will step furthermore. I will play hardcore veteran.

I could link you the definition of BDSM but i don’t think that will be acceptable here…


Since this is a mature forum I suspect most people will know what it stands for. :laughing:




That’s gonna be fun, but i need to put mattress all over my wall in case i want to throw my controller. It’s expensive those things…

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Step it up:

  • veteran
  • hardcore
  • using :video_game:
  • ssf
  • classless
    • meaning you don’t develop any mastery
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That mean you only have 1 mastery? or no skill point at all?

No skillpoints. Called classless because masteryless would sound stupid I guess.
It would solve your problem of which class / build to play.



That would be me, me wooden leg and me rusty knife. YAAAAARRRR

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Read - and weap. :wink:

It can be done, it has been done.



I’m gonna start to look on grimtool on to see what build i can us… oh wait…

Can you use devotion point though?


Yes, if you can manage to cleanse the shrines.

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