Playtesters' plea for help - Zantai's Last Secret

“Forgotten Gods has a lot of little secrets for you to discover. I would say as many or more than base game and Ashes combined. And there is a secret in the game that the playtesters haven’t even found yet. It’s so secret they don’t know how to find it, so I wish you good luck internet. There’s still one secret they haven’t discovered. They don’t know where it is, they don’t know how to get it.”

So said Zantai in the 8th March dev stream. And we didn’t. We tried, we really did, but nothing. So now it’s down to you, the GD player base, to prove big Z is wrong. Not by data-mining, that’s not playing the game the way it should be played. Has to be done by scouring every inch of the world of Cairn to find it - because we playtesters don’t know what it is, where it is, what difficulty it can be found on, whether it’s just in the new content or elsewhere. We know NOTHING that’ll help you find it - except that it’s an acquirable item which has a 100% drop rate.

So, are you up to the challenge? Will you be the one to discover what is the most esoteric and obscure secret of the game?

How do we know it exists though? or if it hasn’t been found already?

Kind of cruel to drop this on us a week before we can go looking for the answer.

I found it, if you go to the secret area in AoM and fight the john bourbon clones you can talk to one of them. He will tell you how to repair that other bridge outside of devils’ crossing. The bridge costs 3 scrap and 4,854 salt bags to repair. It just leads into a rock wall, but if you repair the bridge while wearing a Mythical Harbringers grasp, a Light’s Defender Helm, and a Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Stonefooting, Darius Cronley will show up and start eating the rocks across the bridge, allowing you to enter a hidden cave. After a lengthy dungeon which is actually just the steps of torment 3 times in a row, you fight Zantai himself. If you defeat him in under 60 seconds but over 44, he drops the “Zantai’s Realm” legendary augment. Using it permanently nerfs your build.

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Watch it be a white item tucked away in the most aether-filled corner of Port Valbury. Nobody will ever find it.

turns white items on in the loot filter just in case

Saltiest Bag 10% Less Damage from Aetherials

How can I know what I don’t know? :rolleyes:

I am up to the challenge :slight_smile: I do wish they could do something against datamining for just a few weeks. That way we know people found it legit.

I think I found something…?

Random Crate Entertainment symbol on ground south of cairan docks, it behaves like there is an invisible chest there.

No idea what it is.

Oh, you think that’s that easy? Cute.

Well now we just need an invisible key to open it?!

Nah man just never seen something like it, dont judge me lol

[spoiler]Room - “Forgotten Cellar” - behind stacked crates next to Reida - Wares of Dreeg in western/2nd floor Conclave of the Three. Popping something in the middle caused a ghost to appear saying I’ve stumbled upon and broken the first of six seals, the rest of which are in the desert.

Odds are this is the starter, and the crate-logo-on-the-ground at the northwest Cairan Docks is likely part of the continuation. (At first, I thought it was an overlooked place-holder graphic, but Zantai’s sort-of-dismissal has me wondering.)[/spoiler]

Added spoiler tags for you.

Please be courteous to your fellow posters who may not wish to be spoiled! :smiley:

Piffle, apologies! I figured the conversation was open-for-spoilers, as it was.

What we found so far:

Totally Normal Shield
Forgotten Cellar mentioning 6 Seals one of which has been broken
A huge Vagina near Korvan Sands Rift Portal
There u pick Up Cormac Notes after a little Talk he disappears jumping into Vagina
Mabye Hidden Shrine in Blood Grove is part of it
Crate Symbol near Docks
Mention of Hidden Path near Docks from another Diary Entry
Getting Note on Screen from Hidden Area in Oasis

It’s where we throw all the dead builds after Zantai nerfs them.

What i found so far re secret quest (ok so its not the 2nd super boss but it is FUN - update: and it actually it is the 2nd Super boss LOL):

[SPOILER]Seems obvious that the end point is at the Kairan Docs Crate sign.

  1. Start point seems to be Forgotten cellar in covenant of the three behind the Dreeg wares trader - the ghost says you have unlocked 1 seal out of 6.
  2. Found another Crate in Forgotten Refuge (or something like that) a bit north east after the Temple City of Osyr gate - there is a Crate to break/seal under some palm trees and a Shrine.
  3. Third Crate/Seal to break was behind a crumbled wall somewhere in the Valey of the Chosen - just check all “wall looking” objects - so that is 3 out of 6 found for me.
  4. Northeast of the Cairan Docks Rift, up a river under a broken bridge in the Sunbane Oasis straight east from the Rift - 4 out of 6!
  5. Ruins of Abyd. Left of the Burning Spire behind a breakable wall - 5 out of 6
  6. Found one in the Tomb of the Eldritch sun, the level, where the devotion shrine is. If you go south/west from the shrine, you’ll find a breakable wall and a room behind it. There is yet another room in there, also acсessed by a breakable wall.
    Go back to the Docks - Crate sign - it blows up the way ahead - enjoy GD Cow level

What i found out so far:

  • offhand requiring lvl 101
  • gloves with -1 lvl item requirement :slight_smile:
  • Eldritch portal activated by something in my inventory (Chillheart sword - you get it from standing on the Green portal in Vanguard of the Three)
  • you are in Sanctum of the Chosen present with 5 levers!! omg omg… which level to pull. Ok no worries even if you get them wrong they reset.
  • Next phase seems you need to kill 1 special maggot among many. 99% of them one shot you and have insane amount of HP. Patience and try again :slight_smile:
  • and the final stage Boss is CRATE Entertainment which of course insta gibs me - no chance to win :frowning: !!!

Well played Zantai!

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there are a few locations in the game that are specific to the Witchgod faction you aligned with. This is one of them (for Solael I believe).

Survive the portal damage 10 15 seconds and you get the sword