Item color for MI and double rare + multiple loot filters

Thanks for recent QoL changes, but you still haven’t added feature i’ve been waiting for a long time.
As title suggests, i’m talking about adding more item colors to MI and double rare.
3 new colors in total:

  • regular MI
  • double rare MI
  • double rare non-MI

Love the game, been playing since beta, but green items sorting was always a pain for me. If you can add that, it would be yet another huge QoL change.
Now some may say that loot filter can do that, but it’s not the same. I want to get all green items and maybe equip some, i just don’t want to spend alot of time thinking which one i should store for another char.

Also, i have a suggestion about loot filter functionality. You can add interface to manage multiple loot filters and the option to bind key to activate it.
For example, i make loot filter for everything except common and magic, bind it to Z. Then i make another for MI and double rares only, bind it to X. And finally make another filter for damage types and other stuff i need on current character and bind it on C. And another button to turn on-off ANY filter, maybe ALT, so if you turned filter off and pressed X, filter changed but items still not showing until you enabled filters by pressing ALT again.
Then after fight i check for items for me ©, gather, compare, etc. After im done with this i check it there are real good items for another char (X), gather, compare, maybe put some in sharing stash. And only then i activate simpel filter to gather everything else for sale.

Well, that’s my thought, i hope its clear enough. <3


Colorblind people will be unable to distinguish more colors. Do you really want to ruin the game for colorblind players?

For reference, Double rare MI might look like a trash weapon, regular MI can look like a legendary. It might not be an issue for you, but there are plenty of people that will have their experience ruined.

There are other ways to make it distinct for colorblind people. For example it can be one another color for MI (dark green like in TQAE for example) and just glitter for double rare in both cases.
But if it’s thart big of a problem, it can be just another togglable option for additional colors. Would be better to come up with something so all people could use this feature and still resolve the problem, but i mostly care about myself :slight_smile:

Some colorblind people do not distinguish more than few colors, so the difference would be so minimal that not only it’d be hard to notice, but it’d be even harder to find appropriate colors to make it work.

You can search in other threads where Zantai and others explained it.

You’re missing the point. I stated the problem that was in game from start and not addressed (tho i already created forum posts about this with some possible solutions couple years ago), i gave possible solutions, but you implying that this problem is not even worth considering cuz there are minorities which experience can be ruined by this. And i’m telling again, i’d like it to be available for everybody, but if its too much hustle to make it work good for everybody, then just do it and add button to enable/disable this functionality, anybody who might have their experience ruined can turn it off and play like before, while others will have great time with it. And again, im not being disrespectful to colorblind people or anything, i just DO WANT this feature

I don’t know if it does help you(or if you don’t know it already), but there is actually an “Mod” for it, which colorize Stats but also Items itself.

Full-Rainbow works like Rare and MI’s have different colors(MI’s have darker green), and affixe are also colorized, so you can tell with it if you get an double rare or not.
(Prefix / Suffix both green).

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Wow. That’s so cool, i didn’t know about tool like that. It’s working exactly the way i was thinking it should work when i created first thread about this couple years ago. I’m happy now and dont need anything else. Thanks :3