Items / Sets That Don't Have Mythical Versions

I love it that there are three tiers of items for many of the Epic items and sets in Grim Dawn, but some sets and items do not seem to follow this pattern. Has anyone compiled a list of them? Quickly off the top of my head, this list seems to have quite a few of them, but it’s not exhaustive by any means:


  • Bloodreaper (sword, axe, helmet, armor, medal)
  • Brimstone (rifle, helmet, shoulders)
  • Guardsman (helmet, breastplate, shoulders, hammer, shield,
  • Maiven (hood, tome, amulet)
  • Marauder (gloves, belt, 2x pistol)
  • Miasma (hood, robe, tome)
  • Praetorian (helmet, armor, shoulders)
  • Royal (2x ring, amulet)
  • Valiance (2x ring, amulet, medal)



  • Boneshard Lacerator (axe)
  • Devil’s Mark (rifle)
  • Falcon’s Claw (axe)
  • Salt-Core Bolter (rifle)
  • The Scarlet Marksman (rifle)
  • The Eye (rifle)
  • Trollgut Eviscrator (axe)


  • 3rd Company Revolver (pistol)
  • Bloodcarver (sword)
  • Chillsteel Redeemer (mace)
  • Earthscorcher (pistol), only lv 75 version
  • Magsitrate’s Censor (sword)
  • Stormcaller’s Spellblade (dagger)
  • Thirsting Maw (axe)
  • Willie’s Razor (sword)


  • Defender of Devil’s Crossing
  • Maw of the Beast


  • Devil’s Charm (amulet)
  • Mark of the Nymph (Medal)
  • Warmaster’s Pride (amulet)


  • Headhunter’s Trophy
  • Skyreach Sash
  • Stoneskin Girdle
  • Warpath Girdle


  • Heretic’s Tome (offhand)
  • Malformed Effigy (offhand)


  • Circlet of Burning Rage
  • Nether Crown


  • Fanatic’s Overcoat
  • Fused Carapace Armor
  • Malduin’s Cloth


  • Spellmaker’s Grip
  • Zealot’s Gauntlets


  • Hermit’s Legguards (pants)
  • Mistwalker Leggings
  • Swampdweller’s Legguards


  • Boots of Unseeing Swiftness
  • Hellion Greaves (only lv 50 version)

That’s for a start. If I’ve missed things, please mention them in replies.

I would love to see mythical versions of these, if there is ever another patch for Grim Dawn. I’d especially like a Mythical Earthscorcher, since it’s still the best Blackwater Cocktail build pistol that I have seen so far (2x2 skill boosts plus proc meteor shower is great) and I’m stuck using that on one of my favorite builds.

Some things that I have never seen the mythical versions of, even though they exist according to the Grimtools Item Database:

  • Aetherlord’s Signet (ring)
  • Combat Medic’s Mark (medal)
  • Righ & Left Hand of Carnage (set of two rings)

Are these perhaps suffering from the same loot drop table bug that prevented Mythical Darkflame Chestguard from dropping once you got to a too high level?

Zantai asked for suggestions over a year ago:

If you want to see mythical versions for the above items, he probably wants you to be more specific - e.g. as you have been here:

  1. Sure I’d love Bloodreaper, but admittingly there are so many bleed PB MIs that it would probably be redundant.
  2. Brimstone is basically a worse Flame Keeper, so unless it’s overhauled I don’t see why would one want two sets for the same thing.
  3. Guardsman I’d love as a budget cd FW option, but 1h hammer -> conflicts with MI -> no bueno.
  4. What’s so good about maiven set?
  5. Mythical Marauder yes, totally yes. And I’m not the only one who thinks that.
  6. Miasma is unlikely as there’s Daega set, which is better as it doesn’t take an offhand slot.
  7. Praetorian is basically fat stats, there’s nothing super interesting about it.
  8. Royal - same as above.
  9. Same as above.

I just threw up a list of the stuff I could put up at relatively short notice. If we want more specifics, here are some:

Circlet of Burning Rage: If there was a mythical version of this, I’d already be using it for the BWC build I have. Without it, I’ll have to do with Mythical Infernal Knight’s Faceguard. Which is great, possibly better than a Mythical Circlet of Burning Rage would be, but it’s the best I can do for this build. For reference, an BWC + aetherfire katyusha proc sorcerer where everything except the helmet and belt proc some kind of area destruction and the belt only because I need the resistances from this one. Otherwise would love more aether missiles.

Swampdweller’s Legguards: Mainstay of most of my shaman builds and I’d probably prefer a mythical version over many of the various legendary pants in the offing. Usually at high levels I’m limited to either one or two different good options or need to find a really good monster infrequent (usually some nemesis pants with proper affixes).

Bloodcarver and the Bloodreaper set: It’s actually pretty shocking how difficult it is to properly kit out an almost purely pierce / bleed phantasmal blade build. Or other pierce / bleed builds. Pierce / physical, bleed / physical and bleed / vitality all have 20 tons of options to choose from. Pierce / bleed goes into the scavenger hunt territory where you have to piece the kit together from whatever you can find and mix and match. I like that too, but the Bloodreaper is the set that goes from level 20 to level 50 because there is very little competition in that niche, then you make do from 50 to 65 where you get the empowered version. When that runs out of steam, you’re back to piecing together what you find. A mythical set would be nice, and resistances have always been that set’s weakness, so it could still be there. There are the various monster infrequent options, but the set would be nice.

Praetorian: This set in its current incarnation is one of the best level 50 sets around and a mythical version could fit many different builds by opening options, but for the types that need that sort of thing, there is usually a set that does what’s needed. Those sets just tend to be rather high piece count and restrictive.


I suppose Mythical Falcon’s Claw is made redundant by Stormreaver and its mythical version, and boneshard lacerator by numerous other things.

All in all, I drew up a list of everything I found that fit the title criteria, whether all of those would be interesting or useful is a different matter. As pointed out about the Brimstone and Miasma sets, for example.

Razorback’s Spined Mantle - It’s a nice Phys Retal piece with decent flat and % retal. Heck, my Phys Retal Warlord still uses the Empowered version.

Eye of Dominion - It provides some nice non-conversion bonuses to pets. Yet ends up lacking compared to what Mythical off-hands (Or even dual wielding pet focused Maces/Daggers/Scepters)

Is all I can think of right now. Most of my wants for items tends to be the opposite, having lower level variants of sets/items that are level 90+ only so that exotic builds can actually work as a leveling build. I.e. I’d love to get lower level versions of Festerblaze so I can make a Blightlord build that isn’t 50% useless for 94 levels.

Empowered Spellmaker’s Grips - With some added Attack Speed and another resistance, a mythical Spellmaker’s Grips could be a big help for Chaos Arcanists who want to hardcap Fabric of Reality.

I remember Valiance set used in some Ravager killer builds, as it provides a huge amount of Armor and gives a large number of resistances to help with builds who prop themselves up with huge damage and need help with the resistances.

Other than that, I can’t see other equipment that could be bolstered with a Mythical version.