Updating Old Epics to Mythical Status

We’ve seen a number of Epics get brought up over the years that did not receive the Mythical treatment with the release of Ashes of Malmouth. While we had our reasons for not carrying all of them over, we are also not opposed to bringing back old favorites if players have strong reasons why they should be (ex. Mythical Will of Fate).

In recent weeks, Mythical Bane of Nuram’Siin and Lapis Lupus have come up, both of which will be added to the Forgotten Gods loot pool in v1.1.7.0, but are there other items you thoroughly miss?

Let us know in this thread and why you think a Mythical version would be a good addition.


I think this little ring deserves to get a Mythical version and some rework. There are very few rings (epic/leg) for pets that don’t have any conversion - mostly, they support acid/ele/vit/bleeding pets, nothing for phys/bleed mix conjurer, e.g.
So I suggest adding +2 to Summon Briartorn or Conjure Primal Spirit and replace acid res with bleed/pierce resists for pets. Acid resist for the player may be replaced with chaos/aether resist and %total damage - with 40-50 DA.


I’d love to see Mythical versions of these generic level 50 sets:

Royal Exuberance https://www.grimtools.com/db/itemsets/19
The Praetorian https://www.grimtools.com/db/itemsets/35

Both sets got only 3 parts so this might open up lots of possibilities.

Also how about Mythical versions of the Carnage rings https://www.grimtools.com/db/itemsets/23
Could be a nice addition for Bleed builds.

Question: will these new items be at level 82 or 94? Or will you decide case-by-case?


I would like to See Mythical Farmstead Liberator, 2H Blade Arc exclusive weapon sounds dope. Also Mythical Curse of Burrwitch as pure ranged weapon for chaos build.

There are few jewels that can used the upgrade. Of course I always
can suggest to add Mythical Essence of Beronath :slightly_smiling_face:


3rd time request for Mythical Vanguard of the Legion



Some suggestions:

a) Bloodreaper´s Set
b) Thirsting Maw
c) Chonag´Ri
d) Gutwrench Eviscerator
e) (Farmstead Liberator already said)
f) Blood Seal
g) (Left/Right Hand of Carnage already said)

Why? Some variation when making Bleeding Builds.


Adding +1 to all skills to Mythical Essence of Beronath amulet could be cool, just spitballing tho, no pressure.


Don’t really have any particular reasons, but I’d love to see the Enchanter’s Insignia, Mark of Oaths, Warmaster’s Pride and specially the Soulthief sword finally get some Mythical love.


Does anyone ever use those rings? The absence of resistance bonuses is a death sentence already, esp while leveling.

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I have used them at least once but I usually play in normal difficulty until level 70 so resists don’t matter much.

And Valiance set: https://www.grimtools.com/db/itemsets/22
Because generic items improve diversity.

  • Obsidian Graps gloves. Potentially good tanky option for phys/fire melee
  • Silktouch Handwraps or Empowered Shadow’s Grasp gloves. Because there is total of one viable pair of pierce gloves in the game. Most pierce builds use physical gloves.
  • Hellion Greaves. Good looking fire boots, that’s all
  • Empowered Stonewrought Groundbreakers. Tanky boots, additional generic alternative to Final March but with different set of res and more phys res over DA. Also Brute Force on it is very rare. This skill is nigh impossible to max out on most Shaman builds.

Is it possible for Soulthief to get a mythical version? Currently there are no 1h swords that convert physical to elemental, and I think it would be interesting to dual wield them on a elemental cadence tactician


Also I would love to see the blood reaper set get the blind eye treatment, with more focus on bleeding obviously.

I would very much like to see a Mythical version of The Soothsayer set because I would love to beef up some support characters I’ve been toying with.


This. It may not be the most popular solo set, but it’s unique enough that it surely deserves some kind of late-game presence, even if only for multiplayer ventures.


Both Royal Exuberance and Adornments of Valiance sets please :slight_smile:

Let’s get to why?
Because those jewelery sets opens a way to some theorycrafted not celestial builds to stand a chance by giving them enough general attributes and resistances and plus +1 to all skills. This means you can give it a chance to a build which supported by none of the any other item sets. Might create a chance to some unimagined builds to end at least the campaign.


There are lots of people interested in support builds. tbh a lot of them still use the empowered version, and a mythical version would be sweet



So you’ve responded favorably to Lapis Lupus…but what about Lapis Mantichora? :wink: Would be nice to have a stop-gap/Epic alternative to Bloodrager amulet.


Yeah, I’m a fan. Wouldn’t have high hopes after the gift of this. Call it insider info.

@Chthon is rarely seen these days but he would surely endorse this one - Mythical Warhammer of Heavenly Judgment.


First of all, thank you @Zantai for engaging in this dialogue! And for listening as always to players desires! I know @Duchy will likely find the Mythical Bane addition exciting, as do I!

I’d personally LOVE to see a Mythical Apothecary’s set. This set is unique in that it has one of the rarest item skills in the game- an activated Healing ability (Apothecary’s Touch)!

I could be alone, but my favorite type of build in this game is a support build, for multiplayer use. I LOVE healing others, and acting as a healer. For that, the gloves in the set are the best in slot in my opinion, or would be if there was a Mythical version with more potent healing effect, and perhaps increased radius, among other things.

I am a staunch supporter of this game and your choices in development. I dont hardly ask for anything ever. This would be my one request- perhaps others can weigh in on this, but I suspect I may be one of the only people enthusiastically praying for this upgrade.

If I’m not, let us band together and brainstorm some upgrades for the set, which is my favorite set in the game (due to the gloves, but also the other pieces are awesome too!).

Does this sound unreasonable?