Jalex's Environment Preview #1

looks awesome cant wait

This is amazing! I can’t wait to liberate that farm house from it’s current residents :p:D
Really loving that second screenshot, the farmhouse at night. Maybe there could even be a quest to liberate it, and then when you have, you have to defend it again against several monster waves.
Very cool work, Jalex :cool:

Some pretty good looking stuff going on in here, glad I found out about the work you guys are doing on this game.

Looks awesome!

I knew there would be an advantage to having more Jalecai in this community.

Thanks for posting the screenshots Jalex, they look terrific. Every new sneak-peak just makes me want this game even more. :smiley:

I am glad to see GD growing. Everything looks very promising. I have a question regarding the map development: are you doing everything by hand to make the final form of the map or are you using also functionality from the random generator engine - to create placeholders for random areas with barriers, props, houses, or dungeons? I know the random generator is being developed but I did not understand where exactly it comes into play. I am especially confused about the dungeons. Are they randomly generated from pre-made blocks? Or you will do the entire thing by hand?


I know you said these aren’t final. But wow, looking great so far.

These look great! Love the creepy feeling even in the daytime shots! Btw, is that brightly lit, sunny hay field where we might stumble upon some of those nasty lookin scarecrow mobs (that I can’t remember the name of atm)?

I believe you might be referring to the harvestman, bluswordgrl, and I think we would see some of them here :rolleyes:

Wow, nice! Now THAT is how environments should look in a horror-themed A-RPG :wink:

Keep up the great work Jalex, and congrats on the new job :smiley:

I really like the differences between the day and night scenes. Almost seems like a peaceful farming community during the day, but at night…(shiver)

Anyway, good to see that things are progressing.


Beautiful work! I can’t wait to see more as the game progresses.

Great work guys :slight_smile:

Awesome work. Keep it up!!

So there really is sunlight in this game :wink: I like the screenshots, and I’m pretty sure the peaceful look of those sun drenched fields is very deceptive…

God I love this. That first picture looks like silent grim hill of dawn or something. Gives it a very halloween ish atmosphere. Love the horror in this. Sooooooo glad I will be in. the alpha

That sewer exit really finishes up the first image, the mist is beautiful as well. The first farmhouse at night also looks pretty sweet. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing them!

Nice night&day feelin’!:cool:

Keep up the good work!

Very nice, loving the feel of the environment!

Looking good. Like the dark, foreboding detail! Keep the updates coming please and thank you!