Jalex's Environment Preview #2

Well hey there Grim Dawn fans!

It’s been a while, but gather ‘round the burning pile of corpses, Jalex has some fancy pictures to share with ya!

I mentioned in my other thread that the reason for the delay in Environment Update #2 is that I’ve been focusing on a few other aspects of the game, most of which are behind the scenes and not great for forum reveals because of the lack of eye candy – unless you consider spreadsheets eye candy. In that case, something is seriously wrong with you. Mainly I’ve been working on getting quests in game, writing dialogue, and fleshing out the story in terms of gameplay flow. We do have some interesting things coming down the pipe with quests and story. I’ll have to see if I can get an update on that stuff in the near future that A) Won’t spoil the game / story for you, and B) won’t be boring.

But enough about that, there’s evil afoot! Deep underneath the cellars of the town lie secret dungeons whose denizens are less than reputable.

Disclaimer The following screenshots were taken in the editor and do not reflect the final quality that will be in the game. My captions also don’t reflect the final environment or story, but are designed to set the mood for the environment. In short, everything is subject to change – but only for the better! :slight_smile:

This screen showcases a laboratory used for experimenting on residents of the town above. You can see operating tables, preservation tanks, and various tools of the trade for nefarious surgeons. If you look closely you can see a cell in the background which is where they hold their victims prior to cutting them open. The room on the right side is the study, where the malpractice is learned! (And I would probably throw loot in there as well, because you, dear player, deserve it.)

This screen shows what a large fight area might look like in a Ch’thonic cult dungeon. The Hero monster comes from the Blood Pool in the far corner. The bodies hanging there, combined with blood magic, prove to be a good recipe for summoning a demon. The center area is relatively open, but is flanked by hanging corpses which serve as a reminder that there’s always room for one more alongside them, in case you were thinking failing was an option. Oh, and nothing lights up a room like a pile of burning corpses.

This is just a closer view of the Blood Pool. The editor has a fog that kind of washes over things as they get farther away, so it was hard to capture the detail in the last screen. The setup is pretty simple: Bodies hang on the walls, dripping blood into the pool. A cultist reads from the lectern and summons a demon based on the hefty payment of blood. Ch’thonic torches let you know that there’s some evil stuff going on here… ya’ know, in case you overlooked all the bodies.

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Attachment: BloodPoolSummonArea.jpg
Attachment: BloodPoolFinal.jpg

warms hands over pile of burning bodies

That Blood Pool is indeed a good setup for summoning demons. Gotta love the body cut in half with the pile of blood and entrails below it. Great work, Jalex. :cool:

This is some jolly good evil indeed. Thank you for those great pictures dear sir.

WOW! looks dark and evil, not a place you would spend on your vacation

pretty awesome screenshots, even if they are from the editor, it does give us some tasty pewviews on what to expect

And to think I thought there might be somewhere safe in Cairn.

Oh man, thats some twisted stuff indeed! Can’t wait to cut an equally bloody swath through all the baddies in there! :cool: A literal pool of blood from living sacrifices is about an 8 on the evil’o’meter!

I wonder what an Aetherial dungeon will look like. :eek:

Very dark and sinister. Sets a mood that I find both frightening and enticing.

I also want to give thanks for the props - they’re almost always purely cosmetic but damn do they really help liven up a place (or in this case, make it look a lot more dead-er and scary.) :smiley:

Titan Quest seemed a bit light on the props in some areas, a certain almost featureless labyrinth comes to mind, but from what I am seeing so far its looking like Grim Dawn will have lots more eye candy to feast upon!

So props to the artists (see what I did there?) for making cool props and thank you to level designers for making use of these props and putting’em where they make sense and look good!

Reminds me of my last holiday at Pontins…

No, seriously Jalex, some darn good work going on here.

Ow yea, looking good :slight_smile:
The dark, twisted dungeon should set a good mood. They’re looking less prefabricated than the old TQ dungeons, nice work.

Looks great! Also, MOAR Tesla coils pl0x.

Reminds me of Diablo 1. Awesome.

Triangle pool the best

I was looking for the best words to appreciate the work you’ve done here, Jalex, and steveg describes it the best possible way (I love D1 and think of it as the most scariest and dark-atmospheric arpg ever…well, until Grim Dawn that is…heh)!

Thank you for the update! =)

Wow, that scenery is so dark, and so…mystifying.



Thanks for the new screenshots.

The first two you gave off in my personal thinking habitat is that i want to see everything in the rooms so maybe a tiny bit more light towards the back end of the rooms and to the sides you have already got some verry good looking light effects happing in those pics verry happy with that.

Was thinking about third pic the blood pool. Could go two ways with this…

  1. have an evil dude be saying the last rights to the surmon as you approch he finnishes just as you carve him up but nothing happens till you start to carve up the bodys on the wall and more blood spills out and a demon comes is born.

  2. Just have it as is and a nice looking pool with lots of dead bodys from the enemys laying there.

I havent read everypost on the board so i dont quite know. are the enemys once slain going to disappear or stay on screen ? as a reminder that you killed them all ?.

If I remember correctly, the enemies will be disappearing after a while…unfortunately. Well, it won’t cause any performance issues like it did in TQ at least…

PS: Sorry for hijacking the thread.

i never had a problem with performance appart from the bug that allows the processor to over heat, or the game to run after close so you have to reboot. performance never was the problem just wish that bug got cleared up. the game would still be ok :slight_smile:

Are you talking about Grim Dawn?

I think the pool of blood with bodies needs to be re-designed. A cultist doesn’t really walk through the blood themselves to hang a new body or replace old ones on the wall would they? If such details are being answered in a visual design then it would be even more believable and awesome then it is.