Join us for a Dev Livestream 07/06!

We will be hosting a livestream on Twitch this upcoming Thursday (07/06) at 1PM EDT (5PM GMT).

Bring your burning questions and learn more about where Farthest Frontier is headed in v0.9.0 and beyond as we head towards v1.0!

Come hang out with the devs!


Ooh! New building! From Farthest Frontier FB page announcing the dev stream.


Something that fancy - stone, dome, spires - I’d normally say Something Religious, but not in FF, and stone and brick are far more common in the game than in Medievalish small towns historically.

So, Guild Hall? Library? (to house the leaked paper and books?)

If you squint, it almost looks like some of the older buildings in Oxford or Cambridge, so University or some other Advanced Education building?

I suspect it’s the T5 town hall!

Possible, but all the other Tiers/versions of the Town Center are wood and stucco construction: this confection in stone and tile would be a major disconnect.

In fact, it is so different from other structures in the game that I suspect it is a brand new type of building, not an Upgrade of an earlier type. That’s why I thought of a Guild Hall (which some of us have already speculated on) or Library - which would tie in with the fragments of files people have found about paper and books being added as resources/products in the game.

Maybe we’ll get some more clues on 6 July . . .

I’d refer you back to the first State of Early Access…

…and while I wouldn’t put all my bets on it I’ve been leaning pretty heavily, personally, on the notion that it is. And if it is then that means it will come packed with some interesting new additions to the game.

Guess we shall see.

Thank you for the Link! I joined the FF community well after the 1st ‘Early Access’ update, so never saw a lot of the early information.

So, my revised post would be "- but not YET in FF- "

And given what they said about developing an entire set of (probably) unique Religious buildings and mechanics to go with them, probably not before Release.

Ah well. That leaves at least 3 Post-Release DLCs to wait for:

Water and All Things Hydraulic, boating and bridging, ships and that sinking feeling . . .

Religion - which is such a wide subject it could wind up being almost anything

Animal, Farm - supplemental animals like chickens, sheep, bewilderedbeasts, horses, and potentially Production Buildings to go with them

It looks like a temple

Is the new building in the game already?

No, why would it be? It’s coming with the v0.9.0 patch.

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I guess I misunderstood then. When is 0.9.0 patch coming?

No idea. The dev stream will show off some of what’s in it, but the patch isn’t even in playtesting yet so will be a while before it’s fully released.

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Thanks for the reply

Could be upgraded Town Hall, college, hospital, library/museum, temple, columbarium, theater/arts.
Looking forward to the live stream.

My guess is on library/museum type. Looks very hoyty toyty

Hi there,
with over 200 hours gaming time and lots of save games played until endgame reached, I’m very exited for the livestream.

One big question, is it possible to once explain the setting at the producing buildings in regards of the priority settings? I have big trouble with that, as I don’t really understand how this should works. Biggest issue is with the blacksmith not producing heavy tools, as long as e.g. regular tools are prior with 1, heavy tools prior with 10, but I only get appr. one heavy tool each 5 years, while the smith all the time produces tools… Can it be explained with too less materials on stock at the smith? I recognize the workers only walk to the melt to take one iron (not waiting to collect 5 or more, same with the collection at the mines), so they mostly have no more iron on stock for e.g. producing heavy tools…

I find this point hard to understand, maybe you can help at the livestream.

One suggestion in regards of the graveyards: A used grave can be made free again after 15 or 20 years, that would follow in no need to build more and more new graveyards if one or two cover the qty of death citizens of this time range.

See you later

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Right there with you

noooooooo , relics, spiritual system no pls no no no i dont like FF in fantasy way, damn noooo
i like survival game but not fantasy with relics and heroes and hulk and bla bla bla other stuff pls no!
temple - ok , but no relics ! wtf crate ??? !!! dont ruin survival game ! no bonuses !!!

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It’s great! Most people wanted that from the start! It’s finally coming.

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Thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions. Live steam = infogasm

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