Jump Between Selected Buildings of Same Type

First off, I really enjoy this game. It think it has a fantastic upward trajectory and is rewarding to play.

One feature I’d like to see added is the ability to jump between other buildings of the same type, when they are selected. I think ‘Frostpunk’ does this if I remember correctly, possibly Banished and it is a very nice feature.

When I select a Hunter’s Lodge, I’d like there to be a < or > button in the building pane where I can jump to the next Hunter’s Lodge on the map, and so on. Having this functionality on buildings would allow us players to quickly see where all of our buildings are and also ensure make it easier to adjust settings, upgrades and assigned workers more readily.



This has been requested before, so it’s probably somewhere on their menu of things to look at.

Right now, the best alternative is to use the Professions window: if you click on the spyglass icon next to a Profession - like, say, Cobblers - it will, with each successive click, focus on each member of that profession wherever they are on the map. Since most of them should be on or near their respective Buildings, that should show you all or most of the buildings of the same type.
Of course, it will not help you find buildings that have no workers, like Root Cellars . . .