just killing time

Hi, it’s about time that I introduce myself here. I should go to bed, but I want to finish my cup of tea, which needs to cool down. What shall I write now :confused: My nick is German and translates to ice princess (but I’m a guy). It is actually pronounced ice-princess-in (no Texas accent, please). Seems that German is easy and very similar to English … if anybody told you differently, that s/he is right :p. Done with my tea - nighty night.

Otherwise known as Black Betty - Ram Jam.

Hiya Eis; long overdue welcome like all of us.

What kind of tea you sippin?

Earl Gray. One. Hot.

Totally forgot your TQ.net signiture, medierra. After testing many more or less exclusive sorts of tea, I’ve found a delicious and very affordable blended black tea called Indien Gold, which has been my favourite for years.

Welcome, enjoy your tea =O

I started 2 threads yesterday. But my other submission hasn’t received as much attention as this one … not to speak of the lack of replies (so far). What am I supposed to make out of this :confused: I really put some effort in it (maybe too much ;)). I wonder, if I should post more odd :mad: controversial stuff?

Sipping on my cup of tea, I see a pattern arise :smiley: