Just left Blizzard (D3/ WoW) For this... how is the community?

Hi All,

I’m a Dad, 3 kids with a full time job. Have been playing wow and D3 for last 14 and 6 years respectively. Played a bit of a few other games in the middle.

Just got into Grim Dawn. What is the community here like? I have the game via GOG. What is the equivalent of battle net social here? What’s the best way to chat/ make friends?

Any help would be appreciated. Is it just about coming to these forums?

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile:

Community is pretty good I think, by and large. Do have the occasional flare-ups and toxic comments, but these get sorted out pretty quickly. Advice re builds/skills/etc are available if you have questions. Most everyone wants people to get the most out of playing the game.

Sadly GOG community seems pretty dead so I doubt you’ll have much luck there. The game is mainly single player with some multiplayer added so not much in the way of chat/social in that respect as far as I know.

There is a discord channel


which has a searching players section so you could try there. But have to say that most of the game’s sales come from Steam purchases so not sure how many players you’ll find using the GOG version of the game.

There is not an equivalent of bnet cause there are no closed servers here. The game is focused on single player with optional multiplayer. Community can’t be so great with people like me roaming free in this place. But we have phones!

I have the GoG version of the game, but I don’t really play multiplayer.

I prefer to play with myself.

But welcome to the game and the forums.

I thought you had your pets as company? :slight_smile:

@ OP:
But yeah, Grim Dawn is mostly single player (the MP aspect is very unbalanced)

welcome to the grim dawn!


I prefer to do it with my pets.

hello grimomar,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

I’ve played d3 and poe for years, and GD is way better of an experience than any of those, sure there are things that i don t like, for example the super fast leveling or the insane drop rate of legendaries but we can mod this game, just patched my game with -90% exp and nerfed the ridiculous drop rates to the ground and it starts to feel like d2, lovely.

but in d2 you have magic find gear and teleport, which makes even items with 1:10k drop chance “easy” to find

I’ve never used magic find gear,refused to.

Magic Find is the worst stat of all time.

why? It is great, fact.

Don’t you start with the “fact” business. :wink: Bad enough with one doing it. :smiley:

haha I am so sorry about that, fact :wink:


in a game with magic find stat, you only have 2 end game options:

  1. play cookie cutter builds with high magic find to farm items with fastest clearing speeds. you are a robot while playing these builds.

  2. play fun/optimal min-maxed builds with almost no magic find. you play them to enjoy the show. not for farming. the real reason you played the game.

Welcome to GD. I hope you enjoy it. The community has its sour moments but once you understand the coded/exaggerated language that crops up every so often it’s fine (e.g “build sucks” often only means it can’t clear glad 150-170 crucible in sub 12 minutes but in reality it can still be enjoyable for main campaign)

And end-game in a game without MF is just option number 2) - how to make the build that clears any content as fast as possible.

the option 1) is pretty interesting to min/max due to diminishing return in unique yield. How much more MF on gear do you need to wear in order to balance out slower run-times.

That is the reason why I like MF, you have another dimension to min/max. In Grim Dawn, you just need to figure out how to clear crucible as fast as possible since the yield is the same on average.

I can tell you a stat that is worse: stamina.

My D2 necromancer equipped head to toe with MF gear disagrees.

I do not have MF on neither gloves, weapon nor shield in order to get 125%fcr but my fav necro is still rocking about 400% mf

What is your best rolled Dweb?

btw I always find it amusing when Grim Dawn players get salty about low drop rates on legendaries and double rare MI’s … xD And then “they” hate the magic find mechanic. They just want higher drop rates in general… lazy bazztardz

Dweb? as in the wand? If so, then 2/-48

And perhaps we might see MF in GD 2 :stuck_out_tongue: