Just reached Tier 4 - I'm underwhelmed

Hi guys just hit tier 4 town centre and to be honest a bit underwhelmed, I’m playing trail blazer with no changes and it didn’t take long to get there plus there are no new buildings just the ability to upgrade. I guess starting a new map on the hard level is my next move as I dont want to just focus on population. What are your thoughts about tier 4?

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It’s EA and not yet finished. More will be coming…

But yes, put it on Vanquisher (or customised) and try a few random or arid highlands maps. Part of the fun at this stage is tackling maps with no clay, or no sand, or no minerals…

Have you had a ransom demand yet from the raiders?

No ransom yet, thought that might be the hardest level. Going to start a map on hard and see how that goes.

Or try a really awkward seed to play on.

It can be done. I’ve gotten to T3 on this seed though I play it Pacifist, but otherwise it’s on Vanquisher with a medium map size Low Lakelands. Yes, there is a lake; a small one way away from my settlement. :stuck_out_tongue: And dry wells are the norm even when upgraded.

Agree. I was expecting a number of new buildings. Hopefully they are in the pipeline. Right now it looks like the cupboard is bare.

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See developers… the people want more!
I hadn’t read your post, but I was inspired a couple of weeks ago with my first game to try to generate some content ideas to move the game further down the road and have a conclusion for each town created. Of course they have some content improvement and balancing and tweaking planned. But, where are the big moves that are going to propel the game farther and differently than other very similar games?
Tier 4 just feels like an “ok, I made it. Things are humming along and I successfully got here.” But, it is not quite a finish line yet.


Even if you didn’t want to kick up the fighting and difficulty settings just playing a new map will present you with different challenges its not a cookie cutter game, but it is a sand box and if your limitation to success is simply hitting T4 then you are always going to reach it relatively quickly.
Is that city thriving does it look good or does it just work. I say that because even when we get more for the higher tiers you will still easily reach it. There is more to bigger populations than just houses the invading armies get bigger, the supply chains get more demanding, space can start being limited, quite often all the real challenges are only starting at T4
I think this game is either about enjoying making the biggest bestest city you can or enjoying the process of constantly making new ones with all the different challenges that they might entail.
I don’t think a sandbox game is ever going to one map that you grow and build forever while the devs constantly supply us with new and bigger challenges.
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