Just some Radom ideas buildings animals' fishing

I noticed the other Day mine tiles some of them say must be placed on a pit/.
Assuming this is linked from the building to the resources Might be able to do the same with fish in the water
Prob deco item only.

Ideal if this worked we could so the same with bridges. Mabey. Personal ide rather see Streams.

Note on terraforming. You can rework marsh tiles. take a lot of reroll maps has to be right but glitch the road, over You guess Water. not more then 1 buy 1 tile.

SO point a point 2 water point 3 high point flant tool . it aclty lowers the center point but still reads as a road. Theres a post on steam about this some were.

silver silver mine rings and such. lux item.

Mabey Geese quail. pigs hog farms.

tier 1 barracks/ tier 5 fort . cuz lords show up with army’s. lol
option conscription mabey town cent bell arms the works with blades and off they go.

just some ideas

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