Just started playing and FPS is below 10 - unplayable lag

I’m surprised there is no technical support forum, so I didn’t know where else to put this but general discussion.

Just purchased this much hyped game only to find the experience to be dreadful because my FPS is below ten and the lag is so bad the game is not even playable.

Laptop specs:

Intel core i5 3230m
DDR3 Memory 6 GB
Intel HD Graphics 4000 - integrated graphics card

I checked the minimum requirements and my system is much better than that so it cannot be my hardware.

I went through a couple of tech fixes but none of the things I’ve tried work.

Does anyone have any advice.


the problem is, in fact, that you have an integrated chipset for graphics. Grim Dawn runs quite poorly on them.

if this is a laptop, well not much you can do. If it’s a tower get a dedicated GPU, because that chipset will have a LOT of trouble playing anything.

Post your dxdiag. See this post by the devs on how to do this.

See the Integrated GPU settings to try thread.

See the User contributed common solutions thread. Specifically the Performance Problems and Tuning and Tweaks - especially the section on laptops.

Hate to break it to you, but your system is not “much better” than the minimum requirements. It barely squeaks by. The only thing you have better than the minimum is RAM which doesn’t affect very much.

Your CPU and lack of a dedicated GPU are what’s holding you back. That laptop isn’t designed to play video games, so you should be glad it can run this game at all. There are some tweaks you can try as ibugsy mentioned, but you probably won’t be able to find this game playable until you get a proper machine.

Grim Dawn also relies on CPU power and since you use your integrated GPU, it will put more pressure on your CPU.

It is the hardware, you are barely above minimum and definitely below recommended. So your best bet is to lower the resolution to something this bare minimum spec laptop can handle. And try whatever ibugsy linked to.

I’m running a ryzen 3 2200g 3.5ghz
Vega 8 (2gig )
And 8 gig ram I’m play titles as NFS payback and farcry 5 , but grim doesn’t Wana work on my PC keeps giving me. A fata error , even Titan Quest does that , but on my old laptop Titan plays , what’s up with that ;(

yeah intel integrated graphics 4000 is not powerful at all, I personally use intel integrated 5500 (laptop) and it runs ok, on lowest settings