Keep trader tab with same number when first trader leaves

Please can the trader number on the trading station tab persist within the year, so that when trader 1 leaves, trader 2 and trader 3 keep the same name on their existing tabs. When I am doing complicated trades (buying from one to sell to another) it will save me having to work out which is which again

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A really sensible suggestion. I find it most annoying when you are cross trading and one leaves and all of a sudden they switch the numbers around like that… there should be consistency during each trade season until they all leave.

Whichever trader leaves first all traders to the left move up one number. If Trader 1 leaves first, Trader 2 becomes 1 and Trader 3 becomes 2.

If Trader 2 leaves first, Trader 1 remains unchanged and Trader 3 becomes Trader 2.

I just wish the trader tab you were on stayed open. The rest isn’t really an issue.

Yes, we know :slight_smile:

The rest isn’t really an issue

…for you.

Or simply have the trader’s name instead of “trader x”.
It’s not like there are 10 of them :wink: .


I like the trader name idea, it’s currently a bit fiddly flipping through the tabs to remember which trader has which type of stock.

My current workaround for the trader tabs closing on me is to just pause the game while I’m actively trading.

Trading between merchants is straight forward and can be done while paused using Buy & Stock. The items move into the Trading Post instantaneously.

Yes, it sucks when they leave and the trader tabs move, for multiple reasons, and they probably should implement the names instead of the generic tags currently used, but you can avoid this issue entirely.

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