Kickstarter Preview II!

Okay, here is the latest update based on all of the feedback we received previously. I had to take it down for a bit to make all the changes to the rewards and what not since I didn’t want new people to see it while in progress and get confused.

Let us know if you see any problems or have any more suggestions. We’re hoping to make this live very soon!

Well, I’m already considering upping my intended pledge to a higher tier… So yeah, guess it can be called an improvement then :smiley:

Hope to see it active very soon! Now with some good viral marketing and some spotlight attention on bigger sites you guys should get the succes it deserves.

Edit: Considering done, will go for the higher tier.

Quite some changes on the lower tier and added more items too…

Just put it live and get my money already… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also looking at going up a tier just for the pet, yeah I’m easily pleased.

Looks great, cant wait to see this take off.

Looks great!

Thanks for the VAT-friendly tiers!

Go live KickStart!
Unleash hell!


Looks good. :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see how much money you get from it.^^
This is actually the first time that I am excited about a kcikstarter.

Looks polished!

Let’s hope for the best. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Looking good! But I’d still move “name in credits” to at least 100$.

There is a typo / grammatical error in the last bullet of the features list… you skipped a word:P
Otherwise love it, great revision on the rewards.
Kickstart it!

Man, now I’m almost regretting suggesting the signed poster.
Luckily I got some tax returns recently and I’m pretty pro at excuses.

The new music at the start of the video works a lot better and gives a sense of a more confident, coherent game. Great choice!

You already get your name in the credits with purchasing the Epic edition on this site.

It’s hard to justify moving it when it’s the same price as here, but on the other hand, having it there might make the credits veeery long.

I know that, that’s why I’m saying. Those who bought so far proved that they care about this game. Not to devaluate those who don’t even heard of the game before. But if we’re optimistic and say, 1mil will be raised and we take Wasteland 2’s example that ~50% who pledged were paid $15 (the minimum amount) for it, but the rest paid 30$ (the equivalent of 35$ here) or more, that’s ~28000 people. If we divide that by 3 (3mil divided by 3 that’s 1mil, which we assumed) we get around 9000 people. Now these are very rough estimates, and it could be more or less by thousands, but the point is, it’ll be still thousands of names.

I just don’t know if it will be manageable in the credits, that’s all my concern is :stuck_out_tongue:
(Actually Shadowrun raised ~1.15 mil so far, and 13000 people pledged more than 30$, so it will be around that with Grim Dawn too)

Edit: okay I counted with the 35$ for the “names in credits” which actually is for 50$. So the appropriate number would be 6-7000 people, if we take Shadowrun for example.

I estimate that even with 8000 names, we’d only be looking at probably less than 3mins to scroll through all the names, even if we only had 6 names per line.

We will have the website early pre-orders appear first based on key level and date of purchase.

That’s great! Then I didn’t say anything :stuck_out_tongue: