killed dreven cole 200++ times on ultimate

not a single decree of malmouth has dropped so far

is it bugged?

Same here. Didn’t do 200 tuns though, but after 80 runs there was no sing of the decree.

Supposed to be a 5% chance at dropping one of the weapons and 2 in 3 will be the scepter.

The scepter (not the decree) so 1 in 20 should give one weapon. 2 out of those 3 will be scepter.

1 in 60 for the Decree ?

That sound better than my previous experience with Aldritch and Worldeater and it is damn faster than those Rogue to run.

I uh, got one on my 3rd run

I HATE YOU :mad:

yeah fuck that guy

got ~70 aetherial mutagen from 300++ run

!!! ZERO DECREE :mad: !!!

Good to know that i’m not alone on this…

May i ask what is this item you’re trying to farm? Haven’t played much of the new content yet. Being 100% ssf player i’m very busy just trying to farm sets&blueprints for now :confused:


its the scepter which converts 45% of elemental damage to vitality damage

Got it on my 5th kill or so. Git gud at RNG. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got it on my first run, lol

did over 400 runs on ultimate, got 100++ mutagen, 20 epic version

but no “decree” at all

does the order matter? do I have to kill him last?

I already bought a voodoo doll

if i dont get the decree today i will start to prick it in the bottom

I want the developers to feel what im feeling now

finally got it!!!

finally got this!!!

finally got this!!!

finally got this!!!