Kra'vall- why he is weak!!!?

for the sake of Ugdenbog he is so weak. :mad: Farmable boss and free content I get it. Strat to beat it: Ignore rubbish weakling adds, facetank him and he dies.

Make his adds more powerful. They dont do any damage!!

Remove safe spots to hide. There was a hiding spot during dev stream and it was removed but after testing still you can put yourself there and not get hurt:eek:

Please buff Kravall cuz his easy to acess type of boss and needs to provide some challlenge to players for the loot it easily gives.

Thank you!

Does that mean Grava’s character is so shit that even a shit is better than his shit? Sounds like Grava is the best GD player in the world. :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk what build you have but if it’s super high end game gear and polished your plea will be ignored

Some players state that dmg feels high but fair. I’m not among them but that’s how it is.

The melee thing is a problem. He is a much more fun fight at range.

Let me guess… you went against him on your best geared character only, that can melt nemeses in secs, then decided to create this thread and whine about how “easy” the new boss is, and without even trying with your other characters?

Just saying, because there’s some discussion about this boss fight going on Steam right now, and someone brought up on how kra’vall can reduce your health by friggin 80% with just one attack, and there’s nothing you can do about it, since it’s health reduction, meaning no amount of resistances could save you.

If your opinion is based solely on you most OP character, which seems to be the case, then yeah… good luck with that, because nobody wants a boss that oneshots you 90% of the time.

My builds normally have 2.9k oa 2.7k da and softcapped resistances. He only needs a bit of buff also to consider other players. Main thing his adds dont exist. They need to do some damage to contribute to threat.

As you say, he’s a farmable boss - from that perspective, I think he’s about the right strength. I’ve only fought him on one character, but to me he seems somewhere around Nemesis-tier, which for something you’re gonna be wanting to kill over and over for good MI rolls/affixes seems about fair.

Make him much stronger and you’d be approaching Lokarr/Superboss (though admittedly the latter would take one hell of a buff) territory. I wouldn’t ever want to farm either of those for green MIs, that’s for sure.

Yeah pretty much all testers raised this. They were even less menacing in the start

So, the Ancient grove boss is a pain in the ass for melee builds and this one is easy

I had problems with it with my ranged tactician and a pet build

So I guess it’s fine.

Just curiosity but were the tests done with “leveling” gear or finished builds?

Both. There are different testers with different ways of playing. I did it with end game build, which is what i usually do

Others had ranged, others melee. The most satisfied were ranged players it seems

I don’t know man, I have a level 100 Warder, with no set bonuses, nothing is BiS and I killed him just fine, I mean I did die once out of over confidence when he spit all his ice on my face, but after that just moving out of the ground stuff was enough to kill him…maybe the fact that I have 18k health had something to do with it .

Which regular boss is considered hard for a decent build with decent equipment?

Yes, he is a relatively weak boss, especially when fighting him in melee. “Relatively” is because he actually has nemesis-tier stats. Only reason he’s not wrecking your face like Alkamos or Sharzul is because he got no RR abilities, but he still could kill careless ranged characters nonetheless.

All of the above was brought up during testing, so it’s safe to say the difficulty level is intended. Sorry, but he wasn’t meant to be the celestial-tier or even upper-nemesis tier. The loot reflects this, being pretty meh aside from the MI.

Yeah. Put an Alkamos pool of crap and job done:)

The pool just does damage, it’s his Blade Arc that cuts your resists.

How about making the entire ring of water a damaging pool of crap and the island in the middle the only safe spot. Take that, melee characters. :cool:

Like most bosses in GD i found him easy 'ish with some builds and much harder with others.
My forcewave tactician, double blitz commando, aether deathknight, lightning druid and apostate coped just fine.

My pet build cabalist just got melted and my dual wield ranged vindicator kept getting caught in that nasty pool. (i think ranged builds are a little harder to play against him). They can’t really cope with him. (now I’m old and not as good as you youngsters!)

For me the difficulty is fine, easy with some , hard with others. Maybe the adds need a little HP rather than damage, but then with all the builds we have its no surprise they melt pretty quickly!

Does the boss need buffing??? Probably not - like most of the game it’s about finding out what works well and using that to beat him.

Its a small addition to the game but its nice Crate give us extra content.

Reminds me of how I once fought Valdaran in PV.

Before - “oh wow, Valdaran can actually do some good DPS”
After - “aw crap, I was fighting him in a poison pool”

Like I brought up during testing, positioning is key factor for beating this boss. If you know where to stand in this fight, then you’ll be mostly safe from Kra’vall’s most deadly attacks, which is why melee characters usually deal with him easier than ranged characters.

My PB Reaper kills Grava in 10 secs, please buff him!:rolleyes:

This boss can actually be somewhat problematic for ranged and pet builds, while being somewhat easy fo melee. Quite a few bosses in the game where this happens. Buffing him will just make things for ranged and pets builds worse.