Kra'vall- why he is weak!!!?

I must be missing context. Did they buff Alkamos?

I tested him with a variety of builds: 2 endgame tier (one ranged, one melee) and 2 with passable gear (one caster, one melee).
Both the endgame chars easily beat him and so did the passable melee one, but the caster had a pretty hard time due to lack of sustainability.
I think the boss’ difficulty is above average which is fair for a random side boss like this: he shouldn’t be as strong as Nemeses or other high end bosses.

If you’re discussing boss balance, it helps if you mention which difficulty/mode you played on and what char you used.
The “<enemy> is OP/UP, buff/nerf!” style of posts aren’t very helpful and just generate a lot of posts with high speculation and low signal.

I ran an Ultimate pet Conjurer (pretty simple build) with end game gear, an Elite Mage Hunter and a Normal Spellbinder - both of them are mostly self-found/bought items.

There’ll be some playtesters with a lot of high end toons while others like me tend to have most of ours floating around in Normal because we keep starting new build ideas all the time. When AoM was given to us to test I had to bring my then Elite Act 2 Conjurer back into Normal as he was the only one I had able to start testing the new areas straight away. I also started the Mage Hunter and a Cabalist to test the two new masteries and got the Mage Hunter through Normal and into Elite during testing. Cabalist I’m still stuggling with the build so he’s still hanging around in Act 3/4 Normal. :eek:

I think he is fine.
But Crete can always give him Grava-like invisible projectiles of inevitable one-shot to spice things. :stuck_out_tongue: Or a bunch of Fumble-pools.

First impressions: easy with melee. These sliths are harmless. Next to impossible with my harbinger build, I seriously die in seconds with nowhere to hide, I’m just not good enough to do this with (an endgame equipped mind you) 2-handed ranged build.

Facetanked it with bloody pox conjurer, so easy it felt unfair.

TLDR could use some more balancing, it’s harsh on ranged to say the least. There’s even fumble (of course there is…).

It may be weird but I would have loved to see Elena the Slith’s attacks a.k.a Charon the ferryman’s tornado water towers in there too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm so after a few more runs I can say that as long as you can survive in melee range, you’re absolutely fine and done in like 10 seconds. If you can’t, just don’t even try, those blizzards, whirlpools and tentacles are like a death field for ranged builds.

Weirdly balanced if you ask me.

It would be very interesting if Kra’vall could use his blizzard after reaching 50% of health all the time, it would have added much more interest in this battle (run or die), because now all melee fighters that stand close to him feel themselves in absolute safety.

P.S. Putting chests right in the middle of the arena with the boss was a horrendous mistake of arena design.

This. ^

It’s definitely doable with a ranged character, but it does feel like there’s an awful lot more going on if you fight from afar in comparison to getting up close and personal. I find it a much more enjoyable fight when done from the island, to be honest.

Indeed, when (trying to) dodge everything that happens the last thing you want is to accidentally click a chest and not move. Lethal, yet another reason I’m glad I don’t play HC in this game :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree that he’s very weak. I’ve beaten him facetanking with both, Deathknight that has 60% chances to get hit by him, and with a 2500 DA Spellbinder, then tried him with my 79 level Ritualist (pet build, on elite) and he didn’t do much damage. I felt like fighting a normal monster with just more HP, and I still have only 900 armor and 70% absorption (my other resistances are decent, I don’t focus on them).

So yeah, Kra’Vall is weak. It’s really hard to fuck up there. Alkamos or Shar’Zul, both can two shot me, sometimes oneshot, and this one guy just… well…

I don’t find him weak. It’s easy with melee / tanky builds, it’s challenging with gunslingers and some casters. So yeah…it’ fine if you consider gargabol is exactly the opposite : Easy with ranged/casters harder with melee…

I knew this thread would get posted, I’m surprised it took as long as it did. The challenge fetishists can’t ever go without shitting on new content if it doesn’t force them to hack the game with more statistically impossible MIs to fight.

First impression from a first encounter:

Took a high end build in there and it went smooth enough. I experienced what seemed like energy leech and had to pull away from melee on two occasions, but only ever lost approximately 50% health. Not too easy, not too hard. A nice addition to the game imho. I don’t think he needs to be tuned much, if at all?

You said it mate. I mean it’s not like he has godly treasure or anything.

I mean, I went from beating Kuba (a lot of kiting, but still beat him), then found where to fight the new boss and promptly died about 3 times, so it’s not like he’s a total pushover. I was probably messing up mechanics sure but I was kiting out to try to heal/wait for cooldowns vut he did a ton of damage.

I was playing a fairly bad geared lightning warder with 17k hp maxed resists and 2600DA/2600OA. It can clear challenger crucible just barely and haven’t tried gladiator yet but don’t think I could get past wave 100, for reference.

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Agree that he is not as difficult as some of the nemesis bosses, but is not an easy fight for some builds, and you can do die carelessly due to overconfidence even if you have a decent melee build.

He’s good as a side boss. No need to buff him. If players feel that they need more challenges, they can go fight the super bosses, or even rogue dungeons and some nemesis.

My ranged builds died repeatedly. This isn’t like other fights, where you can run to certain spots. He pretty much can hit you anywhere you stand in that confined arena.

You can take a max of 2 shots before having to dodge incoming damage etc.

3 of my melee builds can face rape him. So as others mentioned he isn’t weak depending on your build

Well, because he is just a normal boss, one of the harder ones but still a normal one and that’s okay.

There will be most likely a new super boss in the new DLC that will be challenging enough. This one here is a nice piece of world building, but not much more, while providing a decent challenge to unoptimised builds. All my mains including a ranged purifier dismantle him without shedding a drop of sweat but that goes for pretty much everything else in this game apart from ravager and 160-170 crucible, too.

Not every new piece of content must be catered to the hardcore 3% of the playerbase that clear 150-170 in under 10 minutes.

Am I dissapointed that his MIs and his loot in general are not interesting enough to incorporate him in my Kuba/Reaper farming route? Yes. But is this a problem? Nope.
I’m more interested in the connection of the eldritch gods and the Slith. :smiley:

I don’t know how people are wrecking this boss in “10 secs” or so, like I saw in this thread, lol… On Elite, he can easily kill me, if I don’t avoid his crap in time, and his attack pattern is rather odd, because sometimes I he doesn’t seems to cast his blizzard or whirlpool attack on me, and sometimes he will cast it almost frequently.

He seems easier on melee, that’s for sure, but his attacks can hurt a lot. I’m at lvl 85 on Elite, with capped resistances, 2400 armor with 100% armor absorbtion, and like I said, sometimes he can drain my HP insanely fast, depending on when he cast his blizzard or whirlpool.

I dread to think how this boss fight will go for me on Ultimate, considering he has nearly 5 mil health (more health than a nemesis), according to the monster database.