Kupacabra, dafuq?

How many times does this thing intend to multiply. Dafuq :eek::eek:

And to make matters worse it retains its strength. Kiting is hard thanks to those blood pools on the ground

The big one split into two, then each of those two split into other two and then it stops.

Hence the title, Endless Menace. Well, endless until a certain limit.

I get it but his miniature versions should be a little weaker

Zantai did say his smaller versions are weaker and they did get nerfed after that. Not sure how he’s now because i haven’t fought him since then.

La Kupacabraaaaaa:rolleyes:

I’d say he and Grava are the toughest nemesis I have fought yet. Grava is still manageable but this guy is a nightmare, especially in closed spaces

Also Norzan, what’s the optimum DA now? 2.4k doesn’t seem to be nearly enough

Oh god, now i just remembered something. When the new enemies eventually get added to the Crucible and you get two Kucacabras in the last wave? That sounds, i’m gonna say, fun.

Or two Alexs, jesus. Or two Gravas.

2700 DA is now the sweet spot to avoid getting critted by anything in the game. It puts Nemeses in the 83% chance to hit you.

Actually you can do with ~2500 really in vanilla. It’s phys damage that really hurts in general

Even the new purple bosses sometimes cause issues to my ex-defensively-great warder, and I died to Grava like 7 times before I kited him to death. And you’re telling he’s “manageable” compared to the Beasts nemesis? Oh my…

Wtf is the name Kupacabra?

In Brazil we have a myth that a wild animal ate sheeps and goats and stuff, they called it Chupa cabra

Chupa = suck
Cabra = Goat

Sound like challenge (actually sounds like a nightmare)

That’s the least of your worries with Kubacabra on Crucible… the main problem is that, if he spawn on, say, wave 145, and the adult Kubacabra is the last enemy standing and you kill his adult form, now you’ll go to wave 146, with all the other enemies from the new wave coming at you… FUN! :rolleyes:

Since this topic is descending into “Malmouth monsters in Crucible” I’d like to add that there’s non-hero monsters that can reduce your max HP (and I’m sure there was someone cutting resistances) and they’re all going to happily gang up on you together with everyone else, including nemeses.

Aleksandr and I haven’t had a confrontation yet. So I am thankful. Hopefully he won’t show up the entire time I do Malmouth

That’s the guy who drops sick MI pants with +3 to Tenacity of the Boar. Where and how can I find him again?

If its Aleksandr he spawns in any of Malmouth areas
Grava can be found only in Void’s Edge locations (basically anything with Ryloks)
Chupacabra in Ugdenbog and Gloomwald
Reaper of Souls (no clue)

Also, on the topic of Crucible a Wave of Ryloks can fuck you up, they have that weird max hp reduction thingie.

Void Opressors are the ones with the hp reducing aura. And they don’t stack if there’s two of them near each other, only one is active.

Okay, Aleksandr and I had a nice confrontation. I accidentally two-three shot myself when I SS’d into his Elemental Barrage

I’d say he’s easier than Valdaran if you know his attacks. Took me almost next to no effort once I saw his attack after my single death. I’d say Chupacabra>> Grava. And Aleksandr comes next but he is on the level of the older nemesis and nowhere near the new ones


Cupacabra is the Beast Nemesis, right?
And he is harder to beat than Grava?

That will be…interesting, because Grava one-shots me… :rolleyes:

Did they nerf Alex meteor? Last time it hit my Commando for 8,5k damage. I pretty much lure him into a place with a ceiling to avoid that shit.

I honestly find Alex much harder than Valdaran. Then again i find Valdaran to be the easiest Nemesis.