Late/End Game - Build a Castle

I think it would be really cool that you, as lord of your village on the farthest frontier, could build a castle.
Playing on the alpine map now. would be cool to build a castle on one of those hills.
This would be late/end game feature.
Using the terrain leveling feature and the existing walls/gate.
Add more components as your village “tiers up”, like a keep, stable, hall, etc.
Would be a good way to “end the game”.



And maybe then being able to ‘stitch together’ two or four maps, for 1v1, 1v3, 2v2 4v4 PvP?

Imagine developing defenses at gaps in the shield wall.

Also, using multiple wall layers should result in a single ‘walkable’ rampart with crenelations, that townsfolk could populate as rock-throwers and for ladder-repelling.

We need stairs too, that we can ‘pull’ to the proper height and length.

And a Ropemaker, for tower-mounted or mobile catapults, ballista, battering rams, horses, larger cattle herds, boats, docks, cranes for heavy lifting, quarries and mines.

But yeah, these snow-covered mountains we can shape and build on need an edifice-level structure.

Something that rises up from its foundations into a truly impressive fortification.

Multiple types and shapes of garrisoned towers that we can raise to individually chosen height, that can also be incorporated into walkable walls, all of which can also terminate into a garrisoned Keep, would go a long way to achieving this goal and avoid a cookie-cutter sameness of a one-piece building option.

Round, hex and square towers that we can place, raise to x level, then pull walkable walls between as needed, and as space/slope allow.

Whatever space you’ve created with the T-tool can now become the shape of your castle at the top of the mountain.

That would be a nice way to “finish” the game. Like the last achievement. I currently use the walls and statues and plazas to do something similar. But maybe specialized “wall” pieces that are more decorative than functional would be nice. Like we have with fences. Perhaps the castle building could also house soldiers and/or guards.

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