Legendary 5 piece sets - big disparity in resist amounts needs to be addressed

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On topic - Would you comment on why there is considerable difference in terms of amount of resists available on all the 5 piece end game sets.

Especially Dreeg who has almost no valuable resistances (1/3 of the total resists is Poison which is fully not needed if you play an Occultist) and it has nearly 50% less resist points vs Markovian.

Markovian - total resists - 301
Ulzuin - 237
Iskandra - 214
Ultos - 204
DM - 189
Dreeg - 162

Numbers represent total sum of all resists including set bonuses - numbers are based on my items, so perhaps a very small variety in terms of rolls should be considered.

Conclussion - Dreeg set as well as DM need buff to their resits provided.

Markovian is the tank set so i don’t bother it having the best resistances of all. in the other hand DM is alreadyy very powerful as it is, so it doesn’t need to be even stronger imo. Dreeg could have a slight buff though.

Poison is the best spec in the game, though.

And yet, the Dreeg’s set is generally not the optimal way to build any related skills.

Actually it’s pretty good for Poison Builds even though i use a hybrid setup on my own Poison WH. But it’s a great set and imo could use a little extra resists

They should also stop nerfing it imo. It no longer is the go to BM set imo (especially when you have MIs) right now it feels like a spellbreaker set and more nerfs would hurt the spellbreaker meta

Considering that it took me almost a full year, 7 max level chars, thousands of legendary drops to assemble a Dreeg set (or any other 5 piece set unless you sacrifice a kitten to the rng gods), i expect to be WOW-ed by it.

That is how usually the hardest to obtain stuff is perceived in ARPGs (especially single player ones).

Dreeg is just meh (outside the looks) - i build a WH just for it and its huge disappointment performance and survivability wise.

DM i also find pitiful - it looks awesome, but lets be honest its Cold based set and we all know how “good” in endgame (Gladiator/Nemesis runs/Valbury) Cold based builds are…
If you want the best BM build you do it around Warborn set - not DM.

Let`s hope in Hotfix 3 (badly needed -turn back the OA buff in Ultimate and fix the pinkish haze) additional buffs are given to Dreeg and DM same way they buffed Ulzuin.

Actually DM is Cold/Pierce, it’s not pure cold. Can’t comment on Gladiator but a cold build can kill nemesis and challenge dungeons

Yes indeed Dreeg could use a buff, not sure about DM they seem hell-bent on nerfing it for God knows what reason.

Can’t comment on a Warborn BM, i think you need a hybrid setup to go DW BM.

And agreed on the OA reversion, seems unnecessary to me. It’s insane for builds who were suffering with DA before the OA buff. Now Rashalga has a 7-9% chance to crit on some of them

Valdun set has probably the worst case in resists. The chest doesn’t even give resist except for entrapment and 30% to pierce due to the passive, but only way to get that passive is to wield a 2H ranged.

Valdun needs some resists much more than all of those.

^indeed it is hard to build up resists using Valdun. i find i have to compensate a lot with incorruptible or resistant rings.

I would really some better resists on Dreeg set otherwise I think the set is mostly fine. I find it very sad that literally none of the gear you’d want to use on this character has any aether resist at all and that it’s yet another occultist build that ends up with 30000% poison resist. Btw your survivability should not be an issue if you build proper, survivability provided by masteries and devotions is immense on witch hunter

I would call it a cold/pierce set, but the way you build it ends up being much more pierce than cold. DM set is fine tbh my deathmarked blademaster is still better than large majority of builds. Warborn is not best bm either!

  1. I dont have any performance issue on Dreeg set WH.

  2. Please enlighten me about best DW BM setup around WB set?

  1. Dreeg is a good set but an “assembled” setup can achieve better results than Dreeg. It doesn’t have any performance issues but its not the best there is

  2. DW Warborn is viable won’t be the best BM but it can be made. I know DW Warborn Commando does exist so i think with some tweaking you can use it on a BM

  1. Hardly if we are talking about meta for WH and that is dot DEE. But that wasn’t the point.

  2. I can make BM around iskandra or any other set and it will be more than viable but again that was not the point, he was talking about meta.

Warborn BM is more than viable.

This is a fairly un-optimised set-up - Fabius takes around 15-20 seconds:

It feels a bit tankier than a typical pierce BM too (more armour and phys resists).

Ultos set is still insane. Tankiness, OA, attack speed, physical->lightning conversion, allows you to overcap all of the most important skills… Just sick.

Iskandra less insane now, but the 3 piece bonus is still amazing. Offensively, the set is pretty bad even though it significantly buffs all the good damage types. It doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do. Amulet seems to be made for an elemental melee char. Book give s a ton of cast speed (which Arcanist doesn’t need) and even more bonuses to IEE, which is useless for pure casters. The rest are great for tanking up your caster, which is 100% required for safely clearing endgame content.

DM got nerfed in the right place (the procs were broken), but it didn’t get the appropriate buffs (everything except the procs sucks). Cold+pierce is an awful combination, pierce+physical or cold+acid are typical builds, which means this set will not be particularly good for any spec. It severely lacks poison and aether resistance to the point where it’s unusable unless you only use it for farming Fabius.

Markovian gives a lot of tankiness and allows for a 24/7 Overguard, but otherwise it’s complete trash. The main problem is lack of any OA on the set. Compare to Ultos, which also gives a ton of physical resist, health and other goodies. You will probably never die wearing this set, but you will not kill anything either.

Ulzuin has the worst weapon in the game and an amulet that doesn’t give damage conversion for some reason. Chest and hat are amazing. Fire+lightning is a sensible damage combination, but the skill bonuses on everything but the shoulders suck.

Dreeg is poor, but there is nothing much better for what it does. Amulet is trash. Dagger needs obscene amounts of cunning to equip, which is nonsense since it’s a caster set. Poison + vitality/chaos is a good damage combo, and it allows you to overcap skills in the DEE tree, but defensively it’s beyond awful. Poison resist is wasted, aether is completely missing. No physical resistance or DA iirc. It should be more like Iskandra in that regard, because right now Sorc dominates over WH as a spam caster simply due to being able to tank everything in the lategame.

More, what?

P.S. And this is full cunning setup.

Sidenote: any BM setup is viable its not the issue.

Ahh, weird, my Pierce BM has 150 less armour for some reason, even though I have pretty much the same setup.

Edit: Also, that’s changed from your build guide, which only shows 1461 ^^



Yep, like I said somewhere earlier this is def setup.
I sacrificed some OA and dmg but gained DA, HP, armor and ADCTH.

Hint: Switching pants to solael ones I could craft hood and belt with +% to armor instead +% to bleed/aether resistance. Also drooped head node of oleron for 5% HP node on crosroads for more HP, and changed component in chest armor for even more DA.
Ofc this could be much more tanky with different devo setup, but I don’t find it needed, even this is pretty much overkill.

Jov, you just backed up my point - that is DM set is quite sub par if you build a pierce end-game viable Blademaster.

Your BM is amazing and that is thanks to having random armor pieces - i see 0 Deathmarked…Replace these with DM and see how it performs.