Legendary Torso and Helm feedback

It’d help if any of us had a cohesive idea for what the Horns of Korvaak could do that would fit thematically and see use.

Turn + 1 occulist to +1 Shaman and +3 shadowstrike to another occulist skill (curse of fragility?) and it’d support vindictators or Conjurers just fine imo.

Removed Gaze of Empyrion, it has some niche uses that are nice enough. The vindictive flame side of it could be better, the rest is fine.

More feedback on these would be wonderful…

Mythical Abyssal Mask: increased Vitality damage modifier for Drain Essence to 86


Curious if this can actually work out. That’s a lot of dmg to drain essence.

Updated my stance on divinesteel hauberk. It’s better now, partially due to other item buffs, maybe it’s fine. But I stand by my opinion that the +skills could be better. We’d need suggestions for it though.

Wyrmbone Mask - [] Thunderous roar, lightning Forcewave Warder

It could use slight stat boost like physical resistance or +1 Soldier. In my case +1 to Inquisitor will gonna be wasted.

Vindicator has enough going for it anyway so supporting warder would make more sense I think. Phys resist always good. I like your suggestion. Would help out lightning forcewave.

Yeah, personally I wouldn’t mind dropping Inquisitor stuff on it all together if it meant better warder support.

For Lightning FW you want Warder, not Tactician. Inquisitor is leaps ahead of every other class for Arcanor FW, have support to Octavius, so it’s natural that fire FW is Commando and lightning-Warder. As you can see core stats of my build can be improved, but more importantly since this is 2h, but without Savagery I can’t use Might of Bear physical resistance. So it’s nice idea to have it on the helm.

I know. I meant, because vindicator has so much going for it on other builds and in general, and this already is best for warder, why not just dump the vindicator support and make it really really good for warder? I really like the idea of lightning forcewave warder that actually works better than vindicator lightning forcewave, so if that could be made to happen I’d be stoked!

What exactly is the reasoning behind including Frostdread here? Do you just want skill bonus changes? It already excels as THE weapon damage cold chest for builds not invested in a chest blocking set.

Yep. Considering removing it but I have said before that the stuff on the bottom of each section in the OP is for little changes for things that don’t need it. I mean dude, I put in ()'s “great item.”

Cold Aegis of Menhir is a neat idea. Well okay, I just want to see blue bouncing shields flying around. But I think the change I suggested for cold menhir with current itemization options would be better.

@adoomgod - Not sure if this takes care of:

  1. Abyssal mask
  2. Heart of yugol
  3. And lifeblaze mantle


But it was somewhat decent in buffed/bannered crucible back in like
Biggest problem here is probably the lack of stun res & DA. Movement speed would be nice too.

I had to go for double resonance to fix the former.

P.S: Loving these building challenges.

EDIT: While DA may seem high because of -515 OA shred from skills/items, it isn’t if you get hit by father kymon’s pounce or kaisan’s doom bolt…or if you’re kiting.

Thanks for the positive attitude toward this. I wish more people realized the fun in the challenge of implementing the non-popular gear.

What was the clear time in crucible, depth you could do in SR with 0 deaths?
Sounds like stun resist on heart of yugol could help complete the “goodness” of the item. Hard to say where to add DA though since those items are already a bit bloated.

@adoomgod - I personally really dislike SR. Feels like a very tedious whine-'n-grind thing to me, where most builds are forced to aggro enemies one at a time. (Nothing wrong with that, but I feel that it defeats the purpose of SR).

RE crucible: I don’t remember. I built it out if sheer curiosity during my hiatus, and scrapped it because it wasn’t up to my (arbitrary, and completely subjective) standards. Didn’t want to min/max the crap out of it.

If I were to hazard a guess…I’d say around 8 minutes buffed/bannered? I also went 4+1 because I didn’t want energy issues.

Not the most consistent build either, because your inherently low DA + how buffs tend to linger between waves makes one shots very possible with bad mutators.

Does this help?

I would upload the character file, but I’ve already regeared the spec. :confused:

^I’d happily trade CDR on helm for 5% DA. What use is CDR on a DE build?

EDIT: Regarding vestments of severed faith - change +4 to conversion to +4 to DEE. Would pair EXTREMELY well with m. tome of atonement


^This is a theorycraft sketch I’ve been sitting on for ages. Just can’t seem to find the OA, or %fire damage necessary for it to convince me to want to take the time to test it.

5% DA might be a bit much but given how highly rated cdr is usually maybe not. I like both your suggestions a lot. +4 DEE on severed faith drool

Updated Abyssal Mask to request swap of CDR for %DA.

Updated Vestment of Severed Faith to request +4DEE instead of Conversion so it can pair better with tome of atonement.

Updated Yugol Torso piece to request DA or stun resist, preferably stun resist.

@sir_spanksalot do you think storm totem and anatomy of murder on yugol’s torso would be better as something else? If so, what? Assume if so that you can’t pick necro since it already grants some there.
I was thinking +2 or +4 possession would be good for the character you already made, or +2 or +4 to aspect of the guardian. As for the third class I dunno.

@adoomgod: Slight tangent - vit storm totem is in a terrible place. I think the fact that you’re suggesting removing the +4 on it is indicative of that. The reasons:

  • vit damage naturally suffers as enemies have high vit res
  • inherent nerfs to totem
  • power increase in monsters
  • valguurs set does not increase totem duration IIRC, which makes items like halakor amulet bad. Nor does it increase totems damage sufficiently to justify this limitation

Regarding replacing them with other skills, that’s tricky as not many vit skills outside transmuted PB have high %WD to make better use of yugols passive.

I’ll have to think about it

The +4 is to anatomy of murder not storm totem. Storm totem’s is +2. You’re not wrong tho that full vit totem builds don’t have support… but lots of things don’t have support. Too much work to make everything fully supported.

I don’t personally think the storm totem nerfs were that over-board. As a single node skill it shouldn’t be dishing out damage competitive with multi-node skills. So I think it’s just a bit more vit totem itemization would do the trick.

For vitality Strom totems, you need to use conduit, but also Stormstrife, since your off hand slot is occupied with Valguur set item. To me biggest problem of this kind of build though is the low DA/OA. You are almost forced to use Savagery for the stats, since vitality route is more or less fixed, you need DG and RR devotion.

Agreed with nery.

Regarding plus skills…i’ll never in a million years say no to an item with +4 to possession. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: for the record, I do think the nerfs to totem we’re just a tad harsh, but otherwise, I’m okay with it. Makes a great support skill, but it has hit ludrigan builds hard