Less than 10 second madqueen kill DW-SB


4 Deathmarked + crecent moon DW SB SoB build+ABB+Perma freeze combo

Skill calc: http://grimcalc.com/build/1008-5CkNr8

i’m thinking about to make a guide about it, is not a focus mad queen configuration, is a farming build.

Special thanks to Kidpid for the advices

Edit: got the iron maiden test, 2 times on 13 seconds, can be less for sure.


Super strong build. Spellbreakers are absolutely powerful right now,and I saw a similar build by kidpid on inosk’s spellbreaker thread. Well done.

Due to such posts they won’t be soon.

yeah i was talking with kidpid about this configuration, i tried to talk with inosk’s about this build but he wasn’t interested too much on talk :confused:

^^This… i think “more than good” maintaining builds must be sent via private messages :stuck_out_tongue:

The Night’s Embrace freeze builds have been solid MQ and Nemesis killer since a long time.
With the new ring set, they can put out even more damage. But actually, I don’t understand all the hype about them right now. :confused:

Inc nerf…

Pretty much this,

More nerfs i guess. It’d suck that these noisy spellbreakers will get those builds nerfed that need the Night’s Embrace freeze the most.

Well it’s cool :cool:

Pretty funny right? No? I’ll get my coat then

With all my respect to OP, there are already 2 or even 3 topics about cold melee spellbreaker with (more or less) exact same gear/skills/devotions, sorry but should post into one of those

And a master spellbreaker arrives :wink:

me ? master spellbreaker ? rofl am more like master noob


You’re too modest, figuring out stuff that not many can see so quickly is a nice skill

No doubt in my mind - Night’s Embrace is gonna get nerfed either in a hotfix soon, or the next big patch.

oh thanks, but thing you dont know is, the pretty insane huge number of stupid builds i made that just doesnt work and feel wrong xD

And the worst affected would be the builds who need it the most.

Glad I never relied on it too much, it’s nice to have it in a build for QoL but outright relying on it means that build will die after the nerf


To the OP this thread’s title is reason enough to nerf Breakers now

Well, the builds are fun and reliable. What I meant is, why are these in the focus so much? They existed for quite some time and nobody cried out “look at this perma freeze, it’s so imbalanced”. Back in the day, people rather complained about Night’s Embrace being useless. Until they found the skill working on bosses and Nemesis for sure.

Problem is people rely on it too much. And regardless of whether said skill in question is broken or not this tendency of uncreative over-reliance will get the skill axed

Well, I hope so, to be honest.

Perma freeze is pretty much like perma stun. Why is perma freeze enabled by a single item and the same time, Stun in GD is more or less a joke?

On top of that, imo, it’s boring. You rush in, freeze the enemy and that’s it.
I guess the build won’t work in Crucible, but didn’t test it out yet.

No you’re right, it’s not exactly crucible friendly. Unless you can lure everyone to be around you and freeze everyone at the same time.

Even then you’re fucked if you get one guy in there who is immune to freeze

I don’t give a damn whether it gets nerfed or not. My point is people need to think twice about sharing OP stuff. You have some crazy idea? Feel free to share it, we’ll have a barrel of laughs while theorycrafting around it. But nothing OP

Thought so. But well, every build has its downsides.

Ya, I get what you say. But it’s in human nature to brag about things. So, here we go. I just still don’t get, why now? Guess it’s just some kind of coincidence. After nerfed some builds, something had to be pulled out of the hat. I rather enjoy some creative stuff like your Trickster or JoV’s Obliteration Sorc, etc. :slight_smile: