Less than 10 second madqueen kill DW-SB

Actually Freezing breakers are old. People just didn’t look or were smart enough to keep their lips sealed

Ty but don’t be modest Jager, you made a working (OP actually) Chaos Witch Hunter. I never could make the damn thing to work and ended up concluding that Saboteur and Pyromancer are better for Chaos DW

Yeah, that’s what I said. It’s so old. Don’t get it. But that’s propably it.

Na, I am much lazier than you guys posting new builds here. I try out new stuff, but most of it doesn’t work out as good as I want it to.

I am trying to work in Necrosis to my DW WH right now, the skill can work wonders. :slight_smile:

I had a salty experience with Necrosis and Mana. :undecided:

Never understood how people use it. I know it’s not a bad skill but it drains mana

If something is legitimately OP then it should be toned down. It’s unhealthy for a game’s longevity to have a small handful of things that significantly outperform everything else.

In regards to this build, quick boss kill times are easy to get, even without abusing the Night’s Embrace freeze. This build excels at dealing single target damage, but there is a cost. Spellbreakers have very low health pools, and the lack of any health on the DM set only exacerbates the issue. While it may seem that SBs are OP due to their quick boss kill times, those boss kill times come at the cost of survivability and toughness. This build is a glass cannon, and one must pay attention when playing this build otherwise you will die.

As you can see for yourself this build isn’t exactly legitimately OP. But that kill time is going to get it nerfed and the fact that it made use of Night’s Embrace for QoL it will get nerfed as well

As for one build out-performing the other. I don’t see any problem with that. Not all builds should be equal. Each build should have it’s own set of challenges.

Now if a build faces absolutely no challenges then that is something that needs to be toned down.

Tbh, I haven’t seen any broken build since the Curse of Frailty nerf to Physical Witchblades (which was justified). The rest of the “so-called OP” builds either excelled in single-target or AoE

Very few were good at both single-target and AoE but the cost was that they were the jack-of-all and master of none type builds

Nothing broken, just OP. Op is good, broken is bad

Night’s Embrace is in a good place, what sucks is bosses able to be frozen.

I always said that Bosses should be immune to CC (No Casters don’t need to CC bosses to win fights).
But personally I like the theme of Cold being able to freeze. It’s the chain freeze that doesn’t sit well with me

If they remove the freeze (which won’t surprise me in-light of the recent nerfs) it’s fine with me. If they reduce the potency of the skill (maybe make it equal to Shard of Asterkarn, suggested to me by another great build poster) then it’s even better as only builds relying on it too much will get axed the rest of them using it for QoL will still have the option to whether keep it or discard it entirely

guide would be nice…need something to play till poe lagacy league :stuck_out_tongue:

Might have to nerf your nerf posts. The drop rate is way too high.

I am not spreading hate and secondly in the patch preview i explicitly state i am optimistic of whatever buffs you guys have in store for us

And neither am i against the Night’s Embrace nerf (it looks cool to freeze our enemies though, no pun intended)

So i am pretty sure I am well within my bounds. I am not a fan of trash talk, I more or less passive in non-argumentative situations.

Your reply here made me notice my post count…Jesus, what the fuck

For the record I believe it’s possible to permastun MQ using Elemental Seekers. I haven’t tried this though. It requires a lot of CDR and +% stun duration.

No you can’t

Bosses have 500 resistance to CC effects (exception of Freeze)

And @Jager Stun isn’t a joke. It’s pretty useful to be able to neutralize that Rage Hulk while you deal with the other trolls



Okay, not 500% but how do you reduce stun resistance?

You don’t. You simply push the stun duration and application frequency so high that it overcomes the resistance. This won’t work for resists_heroboss level 5 or higher though.

According to that wiki she has 110% stun resist and you can’t lower CC resists minus freeze as far as i’m aware.

Hmm, good you had me worried that we had a way to CC bosses

Grimcalc says she has resists_heroboss level 4.

I take a little break and i forget the whole game :undecided:


Just saw Norzan’s post

@Dio i’d rely on gamepedia/wikia more than Calc

I’d rely on the game database more than wikia.