Let's delete battlemage already

He sucks anyway.

Great feedback 10/10

Nah. /10chars

Ok so…delete Soldier…Arcanist? Both…Getting mixed signals here.

Who needs classes anyways, toss em all out :rolleyes:

Looks totally ridiculous, too.

Cool! What set is that so I can hope to find it when I eventually reach Ultimate sometime in the far future. :smiley:


no set pieces as far as i can tell, but MI’s, empowered epics and legendaries

how bout we make it good instead op

I love my BM :slight_smile:

Quite close :slight_smile:

damn damn :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Duly noted. Now just have to get a Battlemage started! :eek: Thought I’d already done that. Planned it out, but haven’t started yet.

I posted the build in another thread.

Thanks again! I’m already going to try your WPS Blademaster so may give the BM a try too. :slight_smile:



Thanks Chthon. I’ve got Squib’s Warder already, but will have a look at yours too as I was finding killing some of the bosses hard work over the weekend. Just felt like I wasn’t doing much damage when actually attacking so was taking a while to bring them down, though she’s only reached the Broken Hills riftgate so not very far along yet. Will check the BM build too.

I’m just going to leave that here.

Pretty sure Elemental Cadence works better with Witchblade or Fire/Lightning Commando.

Physical BM is still not very optimal imo

Well, bloody pox received a buff in after a thread with similar name appeared here, so I thought why don’t give it a chance :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still convinced that +%cast speed on Reckless Power should be +%total speed.