Let's discuss radaggan

I tried using the rylok medal with sigil bonus, damage loss is real. RE hits hard.

Problem is probably due to OA imo.

I did full acid radaggan sentinel and it was pretty decent, iirc I was getting ~7:15 though that was before recent cruci changes. Sigils+meteors/fissure with a little vire’s might burn in there! Pretty fun build even if it’s not great

Acid cabalist sounds so great in one’s head till you make it ;(

Yeah. it’s a sentinel though mate. You’ve bypassed OA and CC res problems with ascension and PoT3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Outside the OK, acid damage is abysmal. That’s my problem.

Hence my issue with the belts

and the rings and the pants and the…everything :smiley:

Belt problem is fking real though. I will buy Z a bottle of whiskey to ensure this is fixed by 1.1.5

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Lol. Just look at stat gain on the set. Honestly, I can get more OA/DA with 3x survivor ingenuity than a complete mythical set.

EDIT: Don’t get me started on how many acid based items, give acid resistance. What’s up with that?

It’s an original thematic concept which Crate apparently is combing through and “fixing” of late.

The most recent thing I found to be totally annoying with the is Dreeg’s Affliction Relic with 60% poison resist. The shotgun proc can be fun, but when are you going to need 60% acid resist on a +1 occult item? :roll_eyes:

Shtogun proc is fun, sure, but unless you’re in dire need of those +points, deathstalker, OK acid relic, and (with decent conversion) even nidalla relic wins.

EDIT: deathstalker’s 33% stun and petrify res is huge on acid builds not using the OK.

Well, yes. It’s a question of fun vs optimal. I like a little variance in play and not doing the same 2 or 3 actions over and over.

But imho this relic really shows how silly the thematic approach can get on some items, such that it makes the item generally sub-par. Especially in a game where equipment>>>>>>>theme.

The inquisitor part on this set baffles me. Zero synergy since Inq don’t have any Acid/Vit damage type on the skill (unless you want to count the Tainted Power mod), cause most of the Inquisitor skills revolve around phys/piercing/elemental. Lack of damage conversion also very dissapointing. The 4 set mod to Aura Censure itself also underwhelming, i used to think it give permanent lifesteal like Harbinger. Better remove the support to inquisitor and give it to other class IMO.

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I wanted to play with the acid SoC / RE, so I tried to rebuild the old Radaggan Cabalist, but as you guys said, unfortunately the acid side seems bad…:disappointed_relieved:
I hope it will be improved in the next patch.


I played it too. Look so good on paper, acid RR to Necro+acid damage mods to RE. Wow it was awful compared to vitality version :cry:

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Hmm. For Asid Cabalist, the acid / poison items seem to be as bad as the set.

  • Most skill bonuses are only DEE, and the Necro side is pets only.
  • Only Voidwalker has a SoC / Destrucsion bonus. Moreover, Destrucsion cannot be 22.
  • Many acid / poison items are associated with retaliation, but if you try to get the most out of it, you will be tied to Oathkeper.
    Also, RDAtD is only DE or DEE, and the set does not support both.
  • It does not cover any parts (CC resistance and DA) that are not enough for Cabalist for protection. Use of Pox is effectively forced to cover low DA.

I think that not only the set but also the acid / poison items need to be reworked as a whole…

Well. You technically CAN 22/12 destruction, but you wouldn’t want to.

Believe me, I’ve tried.

Because that involves using a

  • rylok’s mark: so you lose more %damage which you already don’t have that much to begin with, and you also lose +3 to decay which you need because of fevered rage

  • An occultist relic with +1 to destruction. But acid occultist relic is shit, and I’m not exaggerating. IMO, this is the best one because of fumble and spirit

  • You can use eldritch pact, but losing %damage again is quite painful

Not to mention that deathstalker is clearly BiS because you desperately need CC res

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If this change is made, is the vit side too strong?
Since the Amy slot is vacant, there is a big merit for the Asid type.

Aside from making radaggan as full acid, I also would like to revisit all of the occultist’s spell cost.

22/12 SoC + destruction cost about 260
Full blown BP is 284
Full blown DEE is 142
Solael witchfire is not free
26/16 BoD is 140

Occultist does give more spirit, however it doesn’t really provide energy cost increase, especially if your gear don’t provide energy regen. I think all of occultist skill cost need to be cut by half. Currently, there are no overperforming non pet occultist skill anyway. DEE and Doom bolt are underperforming though.