Let's discuss radaggan

I don’t think it’d make sense. With the changes to the set, 1 point in ill omen gives -30% Acid RR, which is on par with 10/10 night’s chill.

Also, DR on decay is amazing.

Fighting Kaisan and Aleks is a real treat with tis build :smiley:

Anyway I can see the lack of procs affects the build.

And i can’t say why it has the old conversion on helm. It should have 30 elemental>acid on Helm and Chest.

I actually suggested that to strukto when we were chatting one day, but I don’t know about the chest :stuck_out_tongue:

Really helps with biting blades + bat.

Then another 30 on set completion, or more than 30

That makes sense. I think more pierce/acid conversion would work as well, along with casting speed + energy on ammy, and set bonus. I really wanted to squeeze in biting blades to make up for the lack of procs, but can’t realistically justify it.

Not just that, but devotions too. The “Folly” in the set, at least in my mind, was the unique mix of vitality spells(now acid) and elemental devotions turned to his damage type, making an unusual but effective combo.

I also think, now that it’s full acid, Inquis side also needs some looking into

Regardless, the lack of OA/DA on this set is extremely tangible. That itself needs fixing IMO.

Then there’s the problem with the belts. TBH, as it currently stands, most acid itemization point towards using the OK.

EDIT: You lose out on OA/DA because the deadly means belt is clearly BiS here.

True, OA/DA si a struglgle here as it used to be with Valguur a while ago.

As for Ok, also true. I was gonna try OK version actually for the CDR and conversion.

And Valinov also said OK looks better

I’m guessing acid meteors with murmur’s kiss? I considered that, but I loooooove RE. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a separate note, similar problems exist with the deathguard set.

well, it’s been brought up. What is his SS to dunefiends’ who can do 900K SS crits to dummy?

As for stats ,again, OA/DA

I’ve liked this set since early AoM and I 've done enough feedback and whining over it. I was hoping it would have it;s own AA like Rah or Belgo

I made a post awhile ago on deathguard. TBH, I really think the set should either give flat damage to BH, or reduce it’s CD more. What use is stacking poison damage on it.It really ought to be like a spammable version of blood knight’s, but the conversion on it is all weird too.

EDIT: As for AA - you can try yuugol’s hunger. I know it’s not something like belgo strikes, but it was kinda fun.

The amount of times I compared BK perfect conversion to DG unfinished one. I made an essay on it (not public threads)

Also the nerf to daggers -10% crit on each dagger, idk why

Yeah, it wasn’t even an overperforming set before the nerfs hit. TBH, I’m grateful that crate is indeed buffing acid, bleeding, and pierce damage damage - not sure if people remember those posts I made :stuck_out_tongue:

But it seems like acid damage is trending towards the OK, and/or poison damage.

OK provided long desired acid AA and a wonderful Acid exclusive. It’s natural :smiley:

But lorewise, it seems weird to me, because I would assume that only a handful of OK’s actually turn to the 3. Just like how most nightblades aren’t actually vit-based specs.

That’s just me nitpicking though.

I tried the build and I manged a painful 7:36. I only pushed OA a bit. Otherwise didn’t tamper with the build

Had to switch up the keybindings and i’m not totally used to the build but overall it’s meh to play. And you really need pox not just for DA shred but the aggro. Set needs more love

#Zantai save Radaggan & CO

Mind sharing your GT? And when you say pox…you mean transmuted pox, yes?

EDIT - did you use 4 buffs? I usually go at it with 3 buffs/1 banner. Also, did you try biting blades?

4 buffs always. OA was low and i gave up some da for it. no blades. I just went in


But i also barely got used to it. The point is, it is very cumbersome to play. Super piano with sub mediocre results. There is no doubt it needs a buff

I dunno, Sigil gameplay actually felt pretty fine to me (a little stationary, sure, but the dmg buildup isn’t too long). At least that’s how it felt on my Valguur vit sigil build (which has even higher CD on Sigil, btw)

So… maybe focusing on acid sigils could be the way to go?

I kinda like the OK acid-sigils-with-PoT-idea Superfluff mentioned earlier :slight_smile: