Let's discuss radaggan

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsJ0cp1sUjc&feature=youtu.be

Not sure if someone else has already come up with this build idea, but this is my take on an acid radaggan cabalist. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BnOnk2

As you can see in the GT, I tried to maximize DPS using a ptir-inspired method - fevered rage transmutor on pox.

Even with -25% monster DA with an additional -240 DA shred, crucible clear time is around 8min 15s. Furthermore, consistency is somewhat iffy. Playing buffed/bannered crucible with this spec felt like playing a really well built naked crucible toon.

Clear time goes up to about 9min 30s when you remove fevered rage, and go for more offensive devotions (i.e. OA + crit from ulzuin’s torch).

On paper, this seems like a really well designed set - pure acid sigils makes you a leechtank capable of tanking most nems while RE does damage.

However, several thing gimps the build:

  1. Energy problems. Despite my GG rolled greens, I found myself struggling a little to sustain my skills.

  2. The entire set gives you an OA ‘I-shit-you-not’ total of…4% OA + 30 OA.

  3. And guess what? It gives you 0 DA.

  4. This problem is made worse because not many non-green acid rings give OA/DA. Heck, there aren’t that many good acid rings to begin with.

  5. With the exception of a small handful, no acid based weapons or gloves give casting speed. Which in term means this piano build is rather handicapped (i.e. sigil’s CD is 1s, RE is about 1.5s)

  6. Inadequate ‘+1 to all skills.’

  • For starters, we have no good necromancer belts. Seriously. Bypassing pet builds, I have never seen a build using a necro belt with +1 to all skills to it. To put it into perspective, I believe there are only 3 belts with +1 to all skills to necromancer: Lunal’valgoth’s, shadowfiend, spiritseeker.
    Compare this to the OK which has 5 belts. On a tangential note, I find it weird that the pack of deadly means (which belongs to NIDALLA) has +1 to all skills in OK. :confused:

In fact, I believe that it’s the only acid belt with a +1 to all skills in a mastery.

  • No good acid relic with relevant +1 to all skills. Again, the only one worth its salt is eldritch ruminatons. I mean…has there ever been a build which uses the occultist’s acid relic?
  1. Lastly, acid based devotions also don’t really give much by way of DA. So…yeah.

P.S. Feel free to disagree with me!


I tried it too before, Sigils+RE. But RE sucks as acid for some reason. Sigils do 0 damage. Idk if it can be good. RR and both main and off hand free is good start, but set is lacking for both damage and stats :thinking:

Damage is actually pretty good with fevered rage. What really slows it down is the lack of mobility + the weird pathing pattern some enemies take.

For the DPS to really shine, you need to stack things on the same spot which is quite hard to do consistently.

The workaround I used to this was to go for more poison damage. With the fevered rage transmutor, black death actually does more DoT than DEE.

I kinda missed fevered rage element :sweat_smile:

But then again how you gonna survive? Just play it as ranged vitality Apostate.

MoT + naked cruci experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also get ghoul + biting blades seal for a 2nd circuit breaker. But its efficacy is somewhat gimped by low CS.

I was hoping to make a guide with this build, but I don’t think it’s very player friendly.

It’s unfriendly even. Ragadabadu set offer multiple possible builds on paper, but when it’s in your inventory, you wonder what to do with it.

I think I only really see the shoulders being used for the +2 to BoD & stun res.

I used the shoulders on my PB build. Also option for ABB WH instead of Zantarin shoulders of Kings. But I am talking about full set. I saw ranged builds in the past. Acid Deciever and maybe is possible vitality Apostate. But as caster, I am not sure. Probably is being used, but long time ago and certainly haven’t see in FG anything other than these shoulders.

Hmm…I don’t think acid deceiver is possible because of the 30% elemental --> vit conversion on the helm. But I could be wrong?

Safarel (@ArchHeretic) build a Radaggan Deciever based on sigils:

i dont know the cruci performance in dettail, but looks like it does a 150-170 in a third buff’s timer and does 65 shards

Just wanted to mention Safarel’s build, as it is the best radaggan build I know of, even though the fire to acid conversion on sigil messes with it big time.

Especially acid side of the set seems really weak.

9:30 w/o rage sounds like Spellscourge level of fail. You are making me want to retest it.

Sigil can have 822 Flat damage total and 5x of them can be stacked for 4.4K flat in 6m. In theory mobs a least should die pretty fast. Not counting RE support

Problem is needing to stack them. And you can only have 4 sigils up, because by the time the 5th sigil actually starts dealing damage, the first one has disappeared.

So when attacking a nem, it takes at least 4 seconds to hit peak DPS. And this also assumes that the nem doesn’t move away from its original spot.

EDIT: RE also out-DPS’s sigil

The thing is that i did it in 9:30 min back in AoM with my default +2 min lag and minimal RE support.

You can keep 5 sigils up with an ascendant source, which is how I made my GT.

I’d really like to test this build. I made a feedback thread about radaggan in testing back a few patches and after everyone chimed in with an opinion, a conclusion was reached that it needs it’s own identity and not be Vit Sigil like Valguur but acid, provided that Necro gets Acid RR. And this is the result.

But I never got to testing it

Sure, the problem may very well be how I’m piloting it. Here’s the character folder to save you some time.
(P.S. it’s named as such because of how RE looks)
_The Nefarious Nipple.zip (633.2 KB)

Thank you, that helps a lot. My ragaddan is still with it;s old vit spec on.

It might be stat I got a good time back then because i had Vitality fissure bound to sigil shotgunning nems. We’ll see

Np man. I’ll also upload a video of a 170 clear once YT finishes processing it.

my vids, if made in higher quality take like half a day to upload at 4.5 GB. Was hoping to upload a melee build today. Hopefully i’ll get to both

Mine is recorded with potato quality, with my dying laptop…so it takes 10 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Video’s up

Have any of you guys, tried it as witch Hunter?