Should we add acid RR to necromancers?

I found this thread in an attempt to claim the same thing with the contents of the OP.

I think it would be better to have RR in the skill base than to add Ill omen mod to the set.
In that case, there is no need to add a new ill omen mod to Deathguard, and in Radaggan you can give another bonus to the space in the RR part of the ll omen mod or change to another skill mod.

It also increases the range of weapon and item choices.
In a mastery combo that lacks -%RR, items that include -%RR are essential in order to perform well even against highly resistant enemies. Those without them are not actively selected.

This is a current idea and my opinion may change depending on the v1.1.5.0 content planned for next month. Anyway, wait for the update!

Yup, this thread is still very relevant till now.

Ill omen is not a very good RR skill though as it has a very high CD. Also it has confuse which scatter enemy all over the place.

Personally, I prefer crate to buff Necro universally instead with more stats and res.

Edit: gonna make my own thread

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I agree. Necro have some own issues but aren’t stats and resistances the important problems?

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Didn’t see that coming. :smiley:

On topic: I don’t think Necro should have innate Acid RR, which is probably the one thing that keeps Acid RE from being completely overpowered. The damage type is very easy to fully convert to Acid/Poison and there are a lot of damage modifiers for it.

A well-placed Acid RR skill modifier on a Legendary item for underperforming combos could be good though.

Edit: just saw the whole Acid RE thing has been discussed already.

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I’m trilingual actually. I speak chinese too <3


It’s not that simple m8

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How about acid DE retal oppressor?

Looks really creative. I don’t know enough about retal to give an informed opinion, but it definitely warrants testing.

LMK if you get around to doing it. Consider my curiosity piqued.

Even with -25% monster DA with an additional -240 DA shred, crucible clear time is around 8min 15s.

Clear time goes up to about 9min 30s when you remove fevered rage, and go for more offensive devotions (i.e. OA + crit from ulzuin’s torch).

I don’t speak for the devs but I would wager that from their PoV both of those times are fine and prove that build is more than viable.
Remember back when Crucible was considered hard just to get to the end? Nowadays it’s a speedrunning contest and I don’t think that’s a step in the right direction.

You mention that build has several specific problems such as the gaps in OA/DA and the Energy reg.
It’s fine if those were addressed in some way if they are demonstrable outliers but adding RR, one of the most powerful stats, is too much of a good thing and it never ends.

I think what gets me down is that, at the end of the day, it’s being barely held together by 2 impossible-to-get m.i’s.

So unless you have GDstash, the radaggan cabalist isnt going to see any action in the crucible.

Edit: right you are about RR. That other post I made was way back in April and is certainly obsolete now. Better stats would be exactly what acid neess

Yeah, my point was that that’s probably more a problem with that set and/or other items supporting it, maybe it needs a little more.

But adding RR to the class would probably just lead to other power creep problems.


Couldn’t agree more

Necro deserves more love but adding RR can turn some builds too strong. It’s like they have been bitten by radioactive spider, drink the whole magic potion, use the force, being the chosen one etc.

Hmm. I tried 2 builds last night. (Cold DE Reaper,Asid retal Opp,)
For now, Deathguard and Radaggan are still only on Tools, so we have not yet concluded what is needed.
In any case, there is no doubt that many things need to be changed. (Necro skills and constellations and items)
I will try the rest of the build and give feedback again.

I haven’t tested it recently, but back in, cold DE was really powerful

Yup. Cold DE Reaper and Asid retal Opp were slightly fluffy and died many times in one shot, but they cleared SR75. So these are all right.

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Acid RR to ravenous earth. looks at sub 6 min ghol builds and sweats.

…mate. OP was made in april :stuck_out_tongue:

Things have changed since.

since people were still replying i thought the thread was still alive :yum:

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It is very much so. But suggestions on how to buff acid necro has since shifted away from RR. :slight_smile: