Let's talk about it; Crucible.

So, first of all, I know a lot of people, whether they bought the DLC or not, simply chooses not to use crucible, they set their own rules and/or their own goals. Kudos to them :cool:

But for those of us with a weaker mentality, that are easily swayed to the dark side, how can we resist Crucible with all its gloryness?

Look, right now I don’t feel motivated to play the game at end-game due to the fact that stuff like Die 150-130-110 farm is a thing. It gives us so huge rewards its dumb. You can fill up your entire shared stash, ALL TABS, with lvl 80+ gear in like 2 hours with a bit of focus.

Not only gear, but also a crap ton of components, Iron and recipe’s.

And lets not forget about boss/dungeon specific loot. Take the helm I got Outcast secret from that dungeon at Fort Ikron that only drops in there.

Why is crucible even able to drop such exclusive loots in the first place?

I don’t want crucible nerfed, buff’s are always more fun for us the player, so maybe its time ALL, and I mean ALL other methods are VASTLY buffed, cause right now I can do some chilled 150-130-110, level super fast, or get 1-2 94 legendary drop every 1-2 min on average.

Finally I also know that a lot of people don’t like crucible. I don’t either, its not really fun, it was never gonna be the main game, just fun DLC, but its rewards are to good for many people to ignore, even if its gameplay is stall and bored…I mean christ I just watch youtube while doing it.

First character on 100, still learning what the game has to offer, but crucible is putting me off liking end-game. I don’t even mind mods, and while some people say you might as well mod the game if you do 150-130-110, Id say even normal crucible with no die tactic is very rewarding.


Me, I play the campaign in end-game because it’s fun, I don’t know about you. It’s a lot more fun than Cruc. Fair trade, if you ask me.

It would be more enjoyable to play the main campaign knowing that you are not missing a lot of loot opportunity that the crucible brings. The crucible should still give a little higher loot rate, due to difficulty, but not to the extreme it is now.

Yes, but therein lies the problem. For those players who go beyond…I know this will sound odd, fun in a game, crucible is the best, largely legit, way to progress.

I know a lot of people buy this game, dabble around for like 40-150 hours, I did that already with say Torchlight 2, Van Helsing, or PoE.

I feel like Grim dawn is a game, for me anyway, that is more than these other ARPG’s.

So much this yes. Just bring it in line, not like fine-tuning drop % is the hardest thing, considering any mature buff they would do now, would hardly make it better than what crucible offers.

Would make leveling fun as well, maybe actually bothering replacing gear, and not just level through crucible, buying devotion points, and only going back to campaign for the stats quest etc.

Tons of components? Are you serious? If you go farming normal campain or vendors, you can get 10 times more components, than in Crucible. Or even more! And some valuable reagents, such as Chtonic Seal of Binding, dont drop in Crucible at all.

And Crucible is hard, significantly harder than normal campain. It’s obvious, that harder content should be more rewarding, dont you think?

But your words have some sense. There should be other way of getting into hard and rewarding content, besides Crucible. Dungeons, that require Skeleton Key, could be such a content, BUT… Let’s be honest - they’re too easy, and drop too bad loot. Why would i waste times and resources for Skeleton Key, when i can farm non-dungeoc content, for same reward (not to mention if i die i can return with portal)?
I think, that rogue dungeons should be much harder and rewarding. They should be WORTH spending Skeleton Key and having 1 attempt to complete them.

I find things a little off with the gear curve in the game. Gear drops incredibly slow until you can handle Challenger with ease, and then Gladiator with ease. But once you can handle Gladiator with ease, to be able to get this steady stream of gear, you already have most of the gear.

I recall that everything was a struggle, then as soon as I could beat gladiator, all the gear in the game rained down on me in a short period of time, and then I really didn’t need much of anything anymore.

It really would be better if the gear started getting to players sooner, so it is more of a steady stream of gear from start to finish.

Yes they do. I routinely get a couple Chthonic Seals of Binding when I start a new character and run them through the Crucible for their starting devotion points.

Maybe there’s some quirk of the loot system such that they become extremely rare when playing Crucible at high level, I don’t know. I’m new, so I’ve only done Crucible in Aspirant waves 1-10 at character levels 2-16. :slight_smile:

They just made it that way.

I don’t know if or how long you were here pre-aom.

A year ago the campaign drop rates would not even compare to the generous drops of today.

Today you have green affixes all over the place. MI drops are unreal compared to back then. Rogue-like dungeons get you between ~2 legendary min and 5 legendaries per run. Components all over the place. Honestly, having played in a time when getting a good MI was just God-like, feel spoiled now in campaign.

Yes crucible gladiator is still more rewarding at wave 150 IF you have the good build/gear for it already. Farming Challanger is a bit of a pain really for example. Drop rates are much lower than gladiator.

Wave 170 for example is just for the challange. That is the only reward. Loot is no better than 150.

So it’s as you said at the start. You choose what is important to you as a player

They dont drop when you farm higher waves (100+). And even if 1 or 2 Chtonic Seals or Aether Shards occasionally drop when farming weaker waves, farming those in main campain is 10x faster. As well as components.

I bought the Crucible to support the devs and because I was quite excited for new GD content at the time but I don’t really like it in the end.
I use it mostly for some easy devotion points when starting a new character and as a very end-game thing to test builds.

I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with the idea of making a build that can beat Gladiator 150 because I don’t enjoy any of it, I think it severely limits what I can do and I’d be super mad if I lost a character in there.
Speaking of which, I finally managed to beat it a few days ago and the loot was super underwhelming, there wasn’t a single good MI or a legendary that I didn’t already have.

I don’t think it needs to be nerfed, if anything it should be made more fun. I quite enjoy the tower building part of it, it would be fun if they were less expensive and there were more places to build them, I want my tower defense game mode.
Exclusive boss drops as crucible rewards are kinda bullshit though, everyone has access to the campaign and these should be rewards for that alone.
Iron reward should be increased though.

True indeed. Remember days when people post their double affixes MI, only cuz they are rare compare to Unique item? At some point, we’d have a discussion for possible build ultilising the MI.

Somehow, Im taking post-AOM patch similiar to D3 Loot2.0 patch.:undecided:. Latest GD patch included.

Chest Loot Tables have been revised to generate less equipment, but the equipment that does drop is far more likely to be of Rare quality. Also increased the drop rate of Components and Potions from chests. These changes include Boss/Hero Loot Orbs.

Thanks for comments all.

While yes, the normal way to do crucible is OK fair, the die method is on a next level. I think we can all agree that loot needs to be massive buffed with drop rate as long as that is a thing. But refer to OP for more info my pov :slight_smile:

I personally don’t think so, no. Pretty happy with where drop rates are at, overall.

So you fall into a group of people who set there own goals? I mean, people who does die farm are just going to be outgearing everyone else.

I know a lot of people are just casual fun in the game, but if we were to take the game seriously (yes mods is also bad, but at least with mods if you cheat its no turning back, crappy unsatisfied feeling) 1 method that is extremely gimmicky should not dominate.

Mods aren’t bad. Kind of weird to make that sort of value judgment about mods when they’re expressly permitted. People want loot pinatas everywhere, that’s fine, but I personally (me, myself, I only am speaking for myself here) feel the drop rates are in a pretty good place in unmodded GD. To me, the point is not to not want for anything, it’s to have just enough to keep me on the hamster wheel while still having something to look forward to.

What does it matter if anyone is outgearing anyone? This is a single player game with no competitive mode of any kind. So, what does it matter if someone is getting gear faster?

See, this is where player interests can also conflict. We all play differently, I get a lot of people, as I said in OP, are casual 40-150 hour fun, but if crate wants to cater to more hard-core audience Die farm is a bit…meeh.

Again, its cool we all play differently…I just know that if Im going to stick around with this ARPG unlike the…3, 4? others I played since 2010, I need stuff like this to not be a thing :slight_smile:

Not everyone in the range of 40 - 150 hours played does it casually. I’m around 110 hours not because I play casual, but because I simply lack the time to play more. Currently my highest char is lvl 73 and I’ve found 4 or 5 legendaries. Together with the massive amounts of epics, MIs and greens I think the game is quite generous considering the limited time I have to play it. Add in all the good faction gear and the crafting and I’d say the game is in a great place right now.

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you need a character capable of reaching level 150 in crucible to use the die-farming method? So you’re already geared pretty well anyway?

If you don’t want that to be a thing have some self restraint and don’t do it.

Yes, self-restraint, but it being a thing, still effects the game, even if you don’t do it. Then its…say trading is also off limits for anyone who don’t like it, cause many people just sell gear they get from die farm. Like it just continues.

Die farm doesn’t need anything but maybe a long youtube video or some chores to do while you move your character every 1 min or so.