Let's talk about : Underpowered Set

Hi everyone,

I open this thread to talk about sets who looks pretty bad to you and why.

Ulzuin Infernal Avatar :

  • lack of defensive stats. You need a lot of sacrifice to hit 10k+ HP and your DA will be always pretty bad. Especially in Demo with very few good defensive skill and no DA buff.
  • the bonus of energy cost from the rifle is pretty useless.
  • the granted skill is pretty useless for a sets structurally make for long range gunfire.
  • the game globally lack of buff to fire strike to make this build more effective

Infernal Champion :

  • the resistance bonus with 3 pieces is pretty useless and too much. Something like a DA buff or fire/chaos buff should be more interesting.
  • the set lack of something, an other proc or a base buff to hellfire mine should be great.
  • Add some chaos damage on the final skill would be cool and more synergic with the set.

[S]Iskandra’s Unification :

  • the overall buff of the set is good, nice final skill, good stats. But this set is very restrictive if you want the complete benefit. You have to play a melee weapon and a focus. Wich is not a very effective set up.
  • IEE is not enough effective to provide on its own a full set. A buff to IEE or some changes on this sets should be good (no idea… sorry). [/S]

Sorry for my english and I’m listen your suggestions.

Agree with the first 2 - in that I agree it needs a buff. But I’m not sure what that would look like.

Hard disagree with the 3rd - Iskandra set IMO is amazing. Even the items in it are incredible.

Amulet = +15% damage modifier to mirror
Offhand = +0.3s to mirror duration
Helm = Aether and ele resist.

Not to mention, it’s one of the few sets where 3 of the 5 pieces give CDR.

Ignoring the fact that the set provides MASSIVE bonuses to the 2 most powerful defensive skills in the game (maiven’s and mirror), it also gives so many skill points to elemental balance and also provides an OA boost to yield…

Crits. 4. Dayz.

EDIT: Using a melee weapon doesn’t mean you have to melee attack. Seals of the night/destruction/skies give ranged attacks. Not to mention that the arcanist tree has many ranged attacks which replaces auto attacks - i.e. AAR, PRM, TSS. I’ve made a build capable of clearing crucy 170 using the Iskandra set. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72077

Iskandra is a top-tier set for a huge variety of builds. I mean everything about that set is amazing, you don’t even have to use full 5 pieces. 3/5 and 4/5 both give great set bonuses. Individual pieces such as the amulet and the helm are excellent too.

Well like sir spanksalot and Iphicrates told…

Iskandra is an awesome sets

Very nice for various Elemental and Aether Builds that involving Arcanist

Recently I made several Aether and Elemental Builds with it :

All are Casters and some of them even not using Full Iskandra Set

If Iskandra need buff, please just put OA bonus to 3 or 4 completion sets, or add more OA bonus to the set :smiley:

Ok Ok Ok, I remove it xD

And did you see some other sets who need a buff ?

Judicator set. Open hand of mercy/Closed fist of vengeance. I personally think that on-death procs are terrible.

Such procs make fighting the big and the bad rather difficult. It’s basically the same whole spiel regarding abominable might: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71932

I think that it should be changed to an ‘on crit proc’ with a massive reduction to the current 8% OA and DA (or was it 6%?) buff.

Imo the judicator’s seals are ok. if you have a minimally good area damage, it will “on fire” all the time. Few bosses/heros are alone. And there are more things that the proc
And, if im not wrong, the seals were nerfed. In the past, the proc was “on critical”

I don’t know. I don’t need the proc when I’m dealing with the trash of Cairn.

I need them to proc when I’m going toe-to-toe with nemeses and the such. If I’m 1v1-ing a boss like lucius, or grava’thul, the judicator set isn’t going to cut it.

There it is vs mogdrogen and vs mad queen (hello to bosses and his pets). :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe not the best vs nemesis but in some cases (even habitually) its posible found nemesis accompanied by trash. I know, the bonus doesn’t last enough… unless there a quite of trash.
Resume (i think): good vs bosses with trash, not enough vs alone guys. And repeat, imo it’s more than a proc. Its “2 rings +proc + attack speed + cast speed”

Other rings can give you that and more.

I admit though - I just don’t like on-death procs.

I play crucible a lot, and in round 170, trying to 1v4 nemeses is just annoying. Will only get that OA/DA boost when I kill a nemesis, and chances are - if I do manage to kill a nemesis I wouldn’t need the proc any longer.

Judicators are fine. Infernal knight is God tier, dunno why ppl think its weak, lol.
What need help is
1)Wildblood set - it just don’t work at all. This set is in dire need of +Skillz , %CDR and better mods to supported spell.
2)Ulzuin avatar:
The gun is so bad no one use it. Set is extremely squishy and outclassed by Justicar in every possible way.
same as above.

Ulzuin is not long range, no rifle build is really, if you want full dmg potential.

It’s mid close range. Proc is an overpowered flame torrent, add flame torrent to it and it melts. Rifle could use more dmg burn, set needs more DA maybe.

Otherwise it’s fine

I agree here as well. Ulzuin’s set proc does come off as counter-intuitive but you have to remember that time you spend kiting to keep your distance is time spent not doing damage, especially on enemies that won’t give you that distance/chase you down relentlessly like Fabius/Kubacabra - you have to facetank them and in this circumstance, the set proc is insane when it comes to damage. Facetanking is also great for shotgun skills like Storm Spread or Falcon Swoop.

I play more in campaign mode. I tested and I liked them. with that couple of rings equiped i’ve killed almost of enemies (ravager no beacuse i’m nemesis with barrowholm)
it’s the set underpowered? I don’t believe it.
Truely sounds like in crucible the rings doesn’t works
And to finish: I stop bothering with this. I just really like these rings

It’s not really a problem in 170. About half the nemeses summon adds, including reapee, which is the most problematic of them all. You have plenty of chances to proc the judicator skill even at 170.

@OP I don’t understand why you consider Infernal Champion as underpowered. I agree that the 3pc resistance bonus is useless but other than that it’s fine. Proc is strong, and it’s the easiest way to build bwc. Just because it’s not the most popular way to build bwc right now doesn’t mean it’s not strong. And really, the only reason why Infernal Knight BWC isn’t popular is bandwagon effect. First, JoV’s triple meteor sorc which is so flashy everyone wants to play it (and it awesome btw) and second the DA meta prompting people to favor Justice set instead because easier DA stacking.

-If you arrived post expac to the forums then you should know Judicator went from On Crit/Attack to On Death cause it was BiS on 90% of the builds back in the days when MIs were uncommon to most of us.
The current Judicator Ring proc is good for crucible, if they adjust the On Death trigger then they’d have to nerf its potential affecting Crucible builds. I am not a big fan of that DLC but one or two things exclusive to it aren’t too bad imo

-Infernal Knight/Champion is a Top Tier Burn Set why is it even there? Just cause the forum builds don’t use it doesn’t make it bad. It’s pretty easy to build around

-Ulzuin’s defenses have been buffed again and again but it can never hope to compare to Judicator. Currently the set is a decent mid tier set cause for fire builds in most cases Justicar wins.
It’s a decent offensive set and it could use a defensive buff imo

As for sets that need looking into

-I still think Blind Assassin Set could use better Piercing Ratio on the weapons. Mace still has no Piercing Ratio which is odd cause Venomblade/Vileblade Mace has 10/15% Piercing

-Allagast Set, specifically the skill mods for SBoE could use some work. Another total damage buff wouldn’t hurt for that skill

Overall I can’t really think of weak existing sets atm. I know the upcoming Rimetongue Set (minus the amulet) looks like crap based on the preview. Besides that nothing

Overall I can’t really think of weak existing sets atm.


As Fluff said these sets have different purposes: Justicar is for fire builds and Ulzuin’s for burn, so it’s very strong, but only when you use it correctly.

Justicar+Hellborne should be able to squeeze more Burn


Okay Wildblood sucks donkey balls for Bleed but for Vitality it’s pretty sweet. The set itself should just get rid of the Bleed Part and add Vitality Decay with some sweet duration mods

Callidor’s Defense - Budget Set till you get end game gear. What buffs do you want?

Sharpshooter’s Duty - Budge Valdun, same as above except more of a clusterfuck of damage types

Corruptor of Souls - I like the shoulders for Dread base Decay builds but outside that I don’t want to comment. It looks more of a pet set to me. Maybe Sneaky Parrot or TPOM could comment

yes, well, no. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRne7PZ
5 piece set provide zero pierce, aether, bleeding resistance.
Gun is focused around Burn … but the proc has no Burn on it. Shoulders provide flat fire dmg. Amulet has no flat dmg, no IAS mod, no OA, no crit dmg.
In fact every piece of this set is weak. And the sets mods don’t help. And its a light armor set with near-zero DA and Life on it.