Level 46 Conjurer

I am unable to pick up Aether Crystals with my 46 Conjurer. Color me puzzled. I destroy the Aether Crystal clusters and get nothing. I need those crystals for potions, ointments etc. My 100 Warder gets them virtually everywhere he farms but no love for my 46 Conjurer. I wondered if it is because my Conjurer has pets and because of the pets, has an “edge” over other builds, however my 100 Warder also has pets and farms the crystals everywhere he chooses. Any ideas please. Thanks!

My explanation is you’re way over the level of aether crystal enemies. If you’re way bigger level compared to them they will not drop you crystals or other valuable resources.

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What Nery said. Pets have nothing to do with it. Where are you trying to get them from? If Burial Hill then you’re probably too high. Warden’s laboratory may be possible, Port Valbury should be okay, Necropolis too and Ashes of Malmouth expansion areas.

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your level 100 warder is probably playing in ultimate too right?
but level 46 conjurar in normal or veteran ?

Also the Conflagraton, Stonerend Quarry and - assuming you have sufficient reputation for this - the Immolation are places where you can get Aether Crystals while you are leveling on the first difficulty.

Does not some vendors sell aether crystal? Is possible get crystals from dismantle items from inventor?

Yes, there is a vendor in the Steelcap District hub, but I find it tedius to buy from him, if I need large amounts.

I don’t think you can get them from dismantling. That would be strange, as you need 3 crystals to craft 1 shard, which you need to craft 3 dynamite.

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My limited experience with buying them is unsatisfactory. Mostly you can only buy one at a time. For all of those who suggested other areas of endeavor you’ll all be happy to note that I took your suggestions to heart and headed directly for Port Valbury and met with great success. before I found that success I spent quite a bit of time tuning my Conjurer to be able to withstand the withering Aether in Valbury. She wasn’t equipped very well for that place however she is not. I am farming the crystals as well as making good progress leveling. Thanks to all of your suggestions. I will be visiting the other places soon. As to my 100 Main he is indeed playing in Ultimate and gets crystals pretty much where ever he plays. He has only found a couple of Bosses in the game that he has been unable to defeat. Otherwise is has been a clean sweep. He plays at 1940% Retaliation. Most ingame beings self immolate on him. lol